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    Jackshaft re-gearing help

    where do you find a calc. for jackshafts speed and ratio
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    Honda/Clone 5.5 and 6.5 hp Bolt size and torque specs

    what is taht in ft lbs? i didnt bring my inch tq wrench?
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    Max rpm

    hey guys, im building a motor for my brother,hf 6.5, so far he has gotten the new flywheel, billet rod. 18lb springs, pushrods, gx160 head, intake adapter with airfilter, 275 cam, rejetted, and custom exhaust ,what you guys think the max safe rpm for this motor will be and also how hp will i...
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    n00b here !

    my brother bought a mini chopper were goin to have fun with.. he bought a 6.5. hf motor with a bunch of goodies im goin to shove into it.
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    n00b here !

    Ya this site is awesome, helped me through my build, tons of info on here thanks everyone
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    n00b here !

    naw its a cover of the little gas tank
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    n00b here !

    hey guys, just wanted to introduce my self, i have a mini "harley" that my mom bought me a long long time ago. the one with the 49cc pos motors in it. well i decided to put a 6.5hp HF motor in it, i know these bikes a are a pos but you got to work with what ya got :) and heres the out come...