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    Efenel is hard to find info on as a company. My pics on here have the original pic of the cobra. It's a double header. If you don't have rear pegs then it's another model than the cobra. At one point I had a link to the original catalog ad but it's not working. I'll try to dig it up. The original Cobra had a Clinton 4hp kick start. There were 2 models that didn't have rear pegs - the Lightening was the smallest I think and the bigger one was the Missile. My husband has the Missile. Will try to dig up and send more info. Going to bike week this weekend w/ my big bike. :) I got 90% if not more of my parts form to answer your original question. I have about $1000 in mine total frame and all. The predator 6hp engine gas tank doesn't line up. You have to move it a little to access the fuel cap...other stuff like that. The chain hits the frame so had to work on that. Good luck! I'm happy to answer any questions if I can!
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