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    Sebac shocks for 68-69 rupp

    I’m looking for a restorable set of sebac shocks that were used on the 68-69 rupps
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    1968 Rupp XL350

    Wrong engine.
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    Speedway mini bike resurrection

    He has a 72-73 bike. They are different and had 6” converters (Fairbanks and salsbury) from the factory.
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    Speedway mini bike resurrection

    Do what ole4 said. Get an nos Salisbury and use a 20 series comet. Late 73 speedways actually used the Salisbury 330. Not sure if your is 72 or 73 but all you have to do is bent a little section if it’s a 72. Here’s a photo of a stock setup on a late 73. The bent section is stock for mid 73 up.
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    Bonanza - hodaka , found at car swap

    Your bike is a bc but someone put a set of mx forks on it and drilled holes to use the mx fender bracket. You can see the side tabs on the fender where it would mount to the bc forks. It also has an mb seat and wrong exhaust pipe. You can get an exhaust from dave miller. I would take the webco...
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    Bonanza - hodaka , found at car swap

    It’s a mixture of several models of bonanzas. Someone through it together with parts but should be fun to ride.
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    Bonanza original Kickstand ?

    Yes. I’ll post some photos later. The kickstand sits differently on the front peg bikes and doesn’t need it and wasn’t used until 69 (possibly late 68 ) hopefully Bill #slywilliez can confirm this as he’s got a lot of bonanzas on hand.
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    Bonanza original Kickstand ?

    That’s not an original bonanza kickstand.
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    5” Rupp Dart Cycle front wheel

    I’m looking for a front wheel for a dart cycle. I believe it’s 5”. Thanks
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    Power products ah58

    Looking for a power products ah58 engine
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    Rupp xl350 clutch cover

    Found cover. Thanks Jimmy.
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    Restored 1973 Harley X-90

    Very nice.
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    The Vintage Mini Bike Family Photo Scrapbook

    Thanks for bumping it.