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    Benelli Volcano exhaust

    I have a picture of one in an old magazine review.
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    Rupp RTM 80 blinkers?

    They were most likely added but they do look like a vintage aftermarket accessory. I have an rmt 80 and most of them don’t have the rear taillight as the fender usually breaks off. Nice original bike you have.
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    WTB: MiniCycle magazine - March 1972 issue

    Mike, Bill Lovitz has that issue. Not sure if he’d sell it though.
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    Get the Mutt Cuts van to go with the bike that sold last summer

    Looks like the mini bikes a bonanza
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    fastest "out of the box" vintage mini bike?!?

    Silver shadow fastest stock mini. 77mph
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    Tecumseh hs50 cam

    Here’s a 73 lighted ball bearing slanted white hs50 number if it would help.
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    early throttle cable collet source (Tecumseh engine style)

    I believe I have the rupp big block diagram at home and I think the one on Bwm is correct. Also you can’t see because of fuel line but on a regular mini bike big block setup where the cable and adjuster would go, the rupp will have a stop screw and spring like a tiller would have from that period.
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    early throttle cable collet source (Tecumseh engine style)

    I’ve got some nos ones. They were actually in rupp packaging in when I got them a few years back. I’ve only seen them used on rupps as I haven’t seen them used on anything else yet. My 68 rupp xl350 h35 has one similar to these. Here’s a link to just the brass pieces from eBay seller genuinenos...
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    Winber 2019

    Here’s a bike I got today. Very nice 69 sprint survivor.
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    Speedway torque converters

    Speedway used an in house torque converter drive and driven in 70 and 71 in early 72 they had the same drive but switched to the Fairbanks driven they also used a comet driver in late 72-73 with the Fairbanks driven. Very late 73 they switched to salsbury drivens and drivers. When they switched...
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    Kidney Bean Wheels

    The kidney beans were made by bonanza and only used on bonanza mini bikes. They are for 6” tires.
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    Taco 55 restoration "FINALLY"

    Bob Muha does nice work. Here’s one he just done for my buddy.
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    Speedway front fork rebuild

    Looks like the eltigre green. FYI the 71 up rupp sprockets fit the 14” speedways.