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    Cool Helmet Planter

    So this may be a little out there but made this cool planter out of an old helmet I found in the weeds on a family members farm. Sprocket base is from a grain bin sweep and I welded a bolt in the middle and bolted it to helmet through a hole I drilled. Thought it turned out cool so figured I’d share
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    10 Trike Collection for Sale in AZ

    Just figured I’d update this post with a list of the models that are actually for sale (since I know my group pic isn’t the greatest especially with my ‘keepers’ blacked out) Brutecycle Sperry Rand Tri-Cub Owosso explorer 800s Montgomery Wards T555 Scat Tracker Alsport TS-110 Montgomery Wards...
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    10 Trike Collection for Sale in AZ

    Ok, so didn’t think this day would come but here it is. I’m making a sacrifice. I have 10 of my trikes from my collection I’m looking to sell. Most are projects but one is complete w/ 212 predator w/ like 4-5hrs and another has a running Briggs I’m keeping 6 beloved trikes from my collection but...
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    1950s Men’s Monark Rocket Deluxe Bicycle

    So I know it’s not a mini bike or trike but thought someone here might appreciate it. I have a 1950s men’s Monark Rocket Deluxe bicycle for sale It’s in barn find condition, solid with an awesome patina. Would be a super cool rat rod bike with a little TLC It is just as pictured except front...
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    Trike Collection Group Photo (Finally!)

    Just finally got internet after our move and was able to check out the pics and links. That’s a sweet Sperry Rand lineup there Wildman Dave- your mini-bike/trike video was awesome. I’ll definitely keep it in mind, just wish I had the space and cash to just say “yep, I’ll take it” hahaha...
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    Trike Collection Group Photo (Finally!)

    Finally got a chance to get a group photo of my trike collection (as of today, haha). Had to organize and store some in my trailer as I just moved and have a way smaller garage (for the time being) Been wanting to get a group photo for a few years and now here it is, ENJOY Feel free to post YOUR...
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    Timbren SES: Suspension Enhancement System

    Review update on my Timbren SES. EXCELLENT!!! If you’re debating getting these or something like this, do it! These worked awesome!!! A day after I put them on, I pulled my trailer 1700mi across country (IL-AZ) and they performed excellent! my trailer was loaded down too! It has a 7200 GVWR and...
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    Timbren SES: Suspension Enhancement System

    Just wanted to throw this out there. Halfway through a cross country move, one load done and one to go. Have to use my 2012 Ram 1500 for the last trip. Need to get my crazy trike collection there somehow, hahaha. Hooked up my trailer and oh did she sag, bad! So much so my stock bump stops we’re...
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    1990 Hauler

    Nice, looks all original and one of the better survivors I’ve seen.
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    Unique 4’x8’ Fiberglass Boat

    I know it’s a little off the “mini bike/trike” category but it’s a mini boat. I picked this up a few years ago and started restoration but with traveling for work it never got finished and now I’m planning a move and have many other projects I’m taking with me. This is a fiberglass 4’x8’ boat...
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    Owosso Explorer decals?

    If that don’t pan out.. here’s some pics with measurements so you can have some made
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    Tri Rod shocks and stickers

    I had some decals made from a NOS pair I found online a few years ago. Just took them to a local screen printing/decal shop. I can get measurements if you’d like or possibly trace them and send the tracing if they can’t do it by pics/ measurements
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    Zap! trike restore

    Yeah unfortunately that’s all I have of it haha. Still couldn’t pass it up, didn’t have that model hahaha. I can get good pics and measurements of the decal when I get back from work this weekend if that’d help you. And yeah other than yours the yellow one is only other I’ve seen.