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    Got a couple of mini bikes for sale

    Nice DB but $950 , let us know how that works out for you ??
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    Vintage 1970 Taco 100

    nice project and bibliography, lol
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    Vintage Gumpit's Cast Off--1970 CAT 300SS

    Cool Deal !!
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    Vintage The Landfill 69/70 El Tigre

    Thats exactly how mine were broken and welded !
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    Vintage The Landfill 69/70 El Tigre

    Nice bike to get going , I had to just about fully re-fabricate the forks on mine , it's a task but can be done !!
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    Vintage 1971 Black widow

    Indeed you'll have your hands full , good luck !
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    Vintage Black and Blue..

    Cool deal , glad to see some new life being breathed into the Rupp!
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    Front & rear cotter pin size - old school style db30

    I use one that fits !
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    Colman ct200

    look at the sticky posts under clone engines , it's all there, set valve lash at .002
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    Vintage Minico TrailJet

    great project, good luck !!
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    Vintage Chopper

    cool , one machine per class , I think this needs to be in vintage!
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    Anything Goes! Mini Snowmobile

    Indeed , your vision and skillz are Madd !!
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    Vintage Taco 44

    it will be nice to see you get a wrap on this project.
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    Anything Goes! RCF Micro

    I'm confused , is your post a test or is it an entry ?
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    Clearing out- Lil Indian

    Will you ship now , asking for a friend !