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    69 engines on Bronco mini bikes.

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    Dunecycle Mojave 500E twin tuner model almost done.

    Ranger79 could you post the specs on the pipes? As they use snowmobile engine on a lot of different trikes. Can you do a left and right pipe? THANKS!
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    Trying to build a modified Predator 212 that stays below 5,200 RPM. Need advice please.

    Rubber mount the engine. And the smaller the back sprocket the faster it will go. And on a bike frame you will need some shocks on the seat to smooth the ride out. With a thicker seat that will help too. And the back sprocket will most likely need to be made to fit the wheel. I hope that this is...
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    Rear brake kit

    You might want to look at snowmobile stuff they all have good brakes!
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    Tri Rod

    In the one picture it looks like you have a MOPAR too. And the TRI-ROD looks great. I have a 1972 440-6 CUDA too. It has 525hp and I just put on new tires and Cragar SS mags.
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    18 lb valve springs

    You will need to up grade your rod and flywheel too. Or it will blow up on you! And for a Hisun engine I have no clue what spring will fit it or flywheel and rod. I would get a engine with known parts up grades. And if you remove the governor the flywheel can blow apart or the rod will break...
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    What does it take to fry a TAV?

    For climbing like that you need really low gearing to stop it from slipping. Once you get it geared for climbing you can pull stumps with it too. You will not have a good top end but you will have some lugging power.
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    Tri Rod

    Did you redo the shocks? I have a STR381 with the dual shocks like that. I even have the roll bar and ski for it. This is my son on mine.
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    When setting things up for young kids you can add a few zip ties to the cable so they can not get full throttle. Then as they get better at riding you can cut them out. And it works on any engine and it is safe too.
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    I don't think this is right?

    Check the ends of the tube clamps on the aluminum parts it looks like maybe one slid on the fork tubes. You might just have to add a thin washer and slide it back to close the gap.
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    Throttle stuck open

    Sounds like you might have to readjust the governor. They could have moved it when they tried to by pass it. Move it the way the spring is holding it and remove the spring. Move it till it idles and then see if it works on wide open throttle.
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    Fork neck bearings...

    Take them apart and measure then match them up to new ones bearings. If you need a seal they can be match up to new ones too.
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    Dune cycle with foot pedals?

    Looks good Steve are you going to paint the seat and frame yellow?
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    Starter generator

    I thought more people would like the idea for a charging system for any small engine. To power lights and anything else you wanted too. Plus it would make any engine a electric start.
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    Mini Bike Speedometer Kit

    What size tire was it made for?