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    Problems with new TillotsonTCT

    I had similar results years ago when they first came out. Probably could have found the old thread here before purchasing. Our shop, Studz Racing won't even sell them anymore
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    My Daughter's "G-Thang" Motovox MBX10 2017 OldMiniBikes Build Off class winner.

    No‍♂️, but she's a girl, her name is Gabi and she's my little G.
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    Po' White Trash

    This bike could really use bars, but I have resisted because I ride it. If I get on it too hard, and ain't leaning forward it'll surely put me on my ass.
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    Po' White Trash

    Its a Mamba SR, and that's where my motors peak torque comes in. I use the bike to do a little street drag racing as well.
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    Po' White Trash

    I service it often, and keep it clean and lubed. I also run a better aftermarket belt with Kevlar. Have put a bunch of miles on it, still the same belt, same bushing
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    Po' White Trash

    It's g It's got an ARC billet sidecover
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    Po' White Trash

    Lighter weight set and spring swap for 4k RPM engagement
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    Po' White Trash

    It's a 212, just hiding billet shaft mounted 1.3 ratio rockers under the taller Champion rocker cover. .357 lift with the Mamba (SR). 28.5/25 stainless valve clone head swap on hemi block. Modified Comet 30 series. She's a fast rider.
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    Po' White Trash

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    Serengeti Badger

    Here's my modified Serengeti Badger. Mild built non Hemi Predator, adjustable handlebars and risers, 4" stretched swingarm and CT70 rear shocks
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    The Compton-Denver Connection. (Street) mini drag bike

    No kick stand required...stands up on her own. last piece in for my motor. Just a little something-something to start the season with.
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