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    Bonanza frames

    The bent engine mount plate sat flush on bottom w/ tubes, then slid up in tubes taper until stopped. There were 3 welds per side
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    Bug Engineering Trial Scout

    Found in AZ last wk. in decent shape, minor repairs and runs. Kids bike till it’s restored.
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    Comment by 'danshale' in media 'Bug Flea 2.jpg'

    Anyone know the engine Bug Flea has on this Trial Scout?
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    Very nice BC Dave!
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    Bonanza Cherry Grips on Ebay

    Hard to find and pretty good Bonanza Cherry repop grips on EBay for reasonable price. If yours are worn or missing, here’s the link-...
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    Sebac Shock dampening fix

    I’m rebuilding Sebac Fulton (full size) shocks and have poor dampening on a couple. Can’t replace inner seals if they have. But has anyone tried drilling chamber and adding oil to improve dampening but not leak? Tricks or feedback if not worthwhile appreciated.
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    Bonanza MX Tank on EBay

    Not mine but seen others looking-
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    The Official Bonanza Mini Bike Thread . . .

    Midyrman Nice job.
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    WTB Bug Flea Gas Tank

    RideSF, did you find a shop that made one? I need same tank and it's a 1 off, so figure need to have one made for my current build.
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    Bonanza Fiberglass tank

    Find a beat up tank and send to Trailer Products in Hemet and he'll make like new.
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    Bonanza Fiberglass tank

    They’ve sold for 150-300. Orange one listed for $1,000 on ebay been sitting as it should.
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    ISO-Bonanza MX-1510 Wiper Clips

    Does anyone have set of the fork wiper clamps for MX-1510. They measure ~1.5” dia. Hope someone can help
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    Hodaka Bonanza MX-1510 Build

    A decal shop in Pendleton OR does mine. They were from a Dave Miller build for guy in Idaho. Only other one seen with this scheme. But near clone to Bonanza's Typhoon.
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    Hodaka Bonanza MX-1510 Build

    Hodaka Powered Bonanza MX-1510. Thanks Mark Hosinfefer for the project to build. Little sibling to the Typhoon. Next is a Hodaka 80Cc Bug Flea.
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    The Official Bonanza Mini Bike Thread . . .

    Similar to their Typhoon.