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    Largest rear sprocket available for MiniBaja MB-165 ?

    You should consider a torque converter, too. Paired with a 72 tooth, you’ll be fine with hills, and you can actually get enough speed if you gear it correctly. Best of both worlds.
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    Db30r question

    It'll fit. You might have to cut the bottom part off. There are videos on how to do it. Some folks will try to lift the motor up by adding washers or square tubing under the engine. That takes space away that you'll need to install the motor with that gas tank. Watch this video. This...
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    First timers!

    I have one, and I've done many of the same changes you have. Those handlebars look way better bent, and they're much more comfortable. Glad it worked out for you. I did the same thing on mine. However, I've also broken a conduit bender trying to do the same thing, too.
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    The un-chopper Baja

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    Baja Warrior Build

    Where did you get that pipe? Is that a 22 carb or a 26?
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    WTB - Briggs Raptor

    I've got one that has an alky carb and tank, but I've been running a Tecumseh carb for gas with it. I can get specs for it if you're interested. I'll have to pull it out of the crate and check. Where are you located?
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    Doodlebug Slick

    I think the wheel is a 6-inch wheel. I am running 5-inch wide tires (not slicks), but some folks have squeezed a 6" time on their rims. I think you'll need to shim the caliper if you do. If you'd like some slicks for a 5" rim, let me know. I have a shed full of them. Yours for the cost of...
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    Frame up Baja Build!

    Is that an actual Comet TAV, or is it a knock-off? Just curious. Also, where'd you get those foot pegs? I like them!
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    Any have fox mini bike information

    If you're really looking for a trail tramp, I have one. It's a project, not all original, and is mostly there.
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    RLV Muffler too loud.....

    I've used both. I prefer the RLV, but my neighbors are cool. Hell, I even have a few cops for neighbors, and they just drive by and wave while on duty! If you have anyone in the hood with a Harley, the RLV probalby isn't any louder than that. Unfortunately, the Harley is street legal, and...
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    I've done this too. It's lash, just like mentioned above. After you set it, pull lightly through the cycle a few times. Then set it again. I did this a couple times, and then I put it back together. Before this, I nearly took my hand off with kickback from the pull cord. It was a rookie...
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    Is there a muffler made to fit on the predator 79cc engine?

    If you can weld, cut the flange off of the old muffler and weld some pipe to it. I would use a muffler of some kind, only because it will need a little back pressure. There are some really inexpensive mufflers at your local hardware store that will be just fine. I think i paid about $6 for...
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    Two Sick 196cc Engines

    Rings are easy to swap, but I'd recommend adding a few more fun bits and pieces when you do it. Might as well add a billet rod and new piston while you're at it. Pull that gov and add a billet flywheel, too. I think the diagnosis for the carb from above is pretty spot on. These engines are...
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    WTB or WTT for a Briggs carb

    I think I have what you need. I have a whole motor that I won't be using. The gas tank has some kind of spongelike filter in the whole thing. Is yours like this too. im not on here as much as I used to be. Call me or text me, and I can check for you. 765.749.9643.
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    Dead spot in Carb

    How about sticking a bigger rear sprocket on it? Maybe play with the gearing a bit? A lot of this will depend on your tires, as well. I have a shed full of 5" karting wheels (slicks). I'll send you one for the price of shipping (I'll send them all to you for the price of shipping), but you'd...