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    One other thing, check the air filter. If it's clogged the engine will starve for air. p.s. pull your plug and check the color of the insulator, should be a a brown color, if it's black you have a too rich or oil fouling problem, if it's a real light tan, nearly white you are running way too...
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    I have a coleman ct200ex only doing 25

    Agree with above, the Tav2 is an overdrive unit so it will actually increase the engine's speed to the wheel. Toss the jackshaft and go straight to the wheel. Also make sure your throttle plate is actually opening the whole way. My Coleman runs a non Hemi 212 Predator and will do 50 mph easily.
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    Questions after torque converter install

    Late to the party but, just a tip with the PITA T/C cover. Easy fix. Pick up 4 longer bolts to fit the holes in the backing plate for the cover. Install the cover and than the bolts, mark the bolts approx 3/8" above the cover, and flush with the cover. Two marks each bolt. Cut off the bolts at...
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    Torque Converter for Predator 212

    I went with the "cheap China" TAV for my Predator Coleman, as stated you need standard bolts to mount it, not metric. Quick trip to the auto parts store or hardware takes care of that. And yes the stock bushing failed pretty quickly, I picked up a pair of them from OldMiniBikes. Maybe I'm lucky but I...
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    Was I the Only One?

    Could end up being a good thing. I dropped off my pair of bikes at a friend of my wife's garage, to store while we are moving. He took one look at the bikes and drooling over them. Today I get a call that he wants one built for him. I told him how much just in parts I had in the Coleman and...
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    Song Title Game

    A quick one while he's AWAY, The Who
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    Coleman CT200u EX Advice

    Sorry for the belated reply, but going down hill the clutch should not have any effect on "braking". It should be freewheeling at idle speed. Now that said, if your idle speed is too high, it could cause the clutch to be trying to lock up, so you would have an initial amount of drag, but it...
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    Detune Predator?

    Put a smaller driven sprocket on it to reduce torque/wheelies. My T-Bird was a wheelie monster, just blip the throttle and the front wheel would lift off, and I weigh 200 pounds. Smaller tooth count sprocket made a world of difference to the wheelie problem, but as others have stated, turn in...
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    Self taping bolt Sizes

    1/4" x 20 for the governor hole, 7/16" x 14 or 20 for the low oil sensor. Don't know about using a self tapper, you may end up with metal shavings in the crankcase. Most just pull the side cover, tap the holes, and then can clean up any metal shavings. Something else to think about if you are...
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    Upgrading MM E -1000 electric bikes to Lithium ion batteries.

    Nice clean install! These are actually kinda fun to play with, you just have to make your own engine noises. LOL! I hadn't even thought about using a watt meter on mine, have to go dig it out of the flight box. I'm still working on getting all the other wiring figured out for the horn/turn...
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    Upgrading MM E -1000 electric bikes to Lithium ion batteries.

    Just to throw a monkey wrench into things, after reading up on these systems. Wattage ratings! Are they "peak" or "continuous" watts. Peak is what a motor can handle in short bursts, like if you have to climb a hill, and continuous is what the motor can handle continuously without overheating...
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    Upgrading MM E -1000 electric bikes to Lithium ion batteries.

    Late to the party again. Keep us posted. I was given one of those electric scooters and like you look at those 3 SLA batteries as boat anchors. Still not sure whether to go Li ion or Lipo. I'm quite familiar with Lipos as I fly electric airplanes, but the Li ion's look kinda neat. If I go that...
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    Best Head Gasket?

    Time to get out the Starret straight edge. I'm running the steel/tin versions from OldMiniBikes, I did though spray both sides of them with copper coating, have not seen a failure yet. 3 years on the hemi, and going on 2 on the non. Both built with all the goodies, and still using head bolts.
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    Song Title Game

    The Dark of the Sun, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
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    The BAD NEWS..... Heart Attack!!

    Don't give up just yet. I had mine in 2013, two surgeries, 5 stents, and was at 30% heart function. I'm still working part time, road race with my son all over the east coast ( I wrench, he drives)and built a pair of pit bikes. I thank the big guy everyday for giving me another day to play.