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  • Hey I finally got some pics to share. The Bonanza is about a '65.It has the original engine as far as I can tell. i
    It had a 60t rear sprocket on it, which made it WAY to fast for the grandkids. I got a 72t sprocket and a new chain. Still to fast, gotta get a jackshaft. $28 is not too bad. The Bonanza has a rear wheel that can be run on either side. If you put a jack shaft on it, flip the wheel over and the brake will still hook up, as will the brake cable. Cool for a minibike that old. 3 1/2 hp. Loose steering head like ALL old minibikes.New cables to make it safe. Other than that it is original. Well the carb has primer start that is not on it. No choke when you have primer. Runs great when warmed up. What is somethilg like that worth?
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