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    Wanted: DB30 full brake system

    Hydraulic or stock, leave a message in the thread and ill get back to you, thanks!
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    100 dollar kart runs great

    My cousin and I just got a kart exactly like that one with a 5 hp briggs on it for FREE; all it needs is a clutch, throttle cable, and probably brakes. :thumbsup: Anyone know what this kart is called? Ours looks exactly the same, and has that shitty metal pad "brake" that rubs the tire.
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    Super scooter

    LOL... At least get a 49cc sticker...:doah:
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    Hill Climbing

    My DB is geared pretty low, 12 clutch, 72 rear, and it'll wheelie a 240 pound man(my pops); it's climbed every hill we've gone after. I'll post pictures soon. :smile:
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    Doodlebug Crash

    Hey, I live near you, how much do your parents want for that death-machine? :drool:
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    Do you have to choke your clone to start?

    Heh, I've got to take the air filter off mine, and cup my hand over the carb just to start it...It'll usually start when it's hot though. :doah:
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    what are you listening to v.2.0

    CKY - Karmaworks
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    Green Jelly's New Toy

    The GP-WASR-10/63s are a lot better than the old WASRs, century fixed all the WASR problems, and people are reporting 2-3 MOA at 100 yards with them. These here: are cheaper than the Century arms build, and better quality. Haven't heard too much about the build company "Cugir" but I'm sure...
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    Green Jelly's New Toy

    Nope, Bulgarian Ak-74 chambered in 5.45x39.5 built by Lancaster Arms - all their guns come with a lifetime warranty.
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    Green Jelly's New Toy

    Picked this up from my local FFL today: That's how it originally came, but with some elbow grease, and some high temp rated BBQ spray paint you get: One beautiful piece. :D
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    dreaded snow

    Last winters snow was pretty crazy in portland, You should fabricate a snow plow for a mini bike, just make sure you got enough ponies to get the job done. :smile:
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    New HF engine compaired to Honda clone's

    Is the one labeled "Honda Clone" the old blue square tanked clone? Or is it a "yellow clone"?
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    Dog Fence Prank Call

    Yeah, CKY cracks my shit up. Here's a few more things they've done NSFW
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    Dog Fence Prank Call

    NSFW language YouTube - Dico - Dog Fence Prank Call This guy "Dico" who does prank calls is hilarious.