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    Need help with identifying my vintage fat tire mini bike

    Typical bicycle headsets are 1 1/8 inch. Some are 1 inch. Shims are available to increase the size from 1 inch to 1 1/8 th inch. Either way it looks like a sturdy minibike. I would do a restoration rather than leave it rusty. As to engines modern Honda clones run great and can be purchased for...
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    First Rupp Roadster 2 questions

    I used Evaporust and roofing nails to clean my gas tank. The mechanical action of shaking the tank around with the roofing nails in it along with the Evaporust really clears out the rust fast. Once clean I sealed the Tank with Red Kote sealer and it looks like new on the inside other than having...
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    K10 Suzuki Project

    Well after riding my bike the lower bearing insert locked up and it became nearly impossible to steer my bike. Turns out the aluminum was being worn and also rubbing against the steel steering tube. I decided to buy a FSA "Pig" BMX headset which has heavy duty stainless steel races and bearings...
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    Arctic Cat Climber

    How did the gas tank turn out? I heard that the solder can melt at the 400 degree curing temps for the powder coating.
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    New Member

    Welcome to Lots of friendly people here who enjoy their bikes. I got 3 minibikes and it is always fun to jump on the bikes with the family and go on ride on a summer day. I have a Cabin on a lake and there are miles and miles of gravel low maintenance roads to ride. Like you my...
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    K10 Suzuki Project

    Thank's Ole4 Your awesome Resto-mod Rupp was my inspiration. I am also getting 3 license plates made up. Hot. Medium and Mild for my 3 bikes. The Rupp is by far my fastest bike. I found this on the internet. I am going to need to build even a hotter bike to live up to the Hell level.
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    K10 Suzuki Project

    Helmet is definitely required on this bike. It is now a 50+ mph bike with full hydraulic suspension. I still need to paint the rear fender to match and get a K15 chrome front fender.
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    K10 Suzuki Project

    I installed the Suzuki K10 Motorcycle fork today. I was able to find a small machine shop to make the headset bearing holders and 10mm to 5/8th axle adapter. The 5 inches of travel on the Suzuki K10 Motorcycle fork is awesome compared to the uneven and noisy 3 inches on the Rupp springer fork.
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    BLACKWIDOW Auction Barn Find

    In many ways the Mikuni is a great carburetor but finding a Dellorto would definitely make it more period correct. Nice find. Rather than having a coveted Black Widow like you do. I only have a run of the mill Roadster 2 and rather than spending big bucks on finding decent running period...
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    K10 Suzuki Project

    Here is the stock springer fork next to the K10 fork. The additional weight should reduce unintended wheelie which the modded Predator 212cc can easily do if you whiskey throttle it. Plus it will make for a more comfortable ride. I also put in a set of threaded steel motorcycle tensioners which...
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    K10 Suzuki Project

    For my next upgrade on progect Resto-mod minibike I will be installing a full hydraulic fork from a Suzuki K10 Motorcycle. It has 5 full inches of high quality oil dampened travel to soak up the bumps when trail riding. I replaced the spring on a tube rear stock shocks with genuine 13 and...
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    Hot Shot Mini Bike

    Awesome Bike.. With 10hp Tecumseh and the suspension is it a good off road bike? The rear tire looks really big. What size is the tires?
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    Ducar 212 vs Predator 212

    Why would you mix fresh oil with used oil? I use a quality synthetic oil in all my engines. Amsoil 0W/20 in the Prius and 5W/30 in the Escape and 10W/30 in all of my small engines. I have a 2003 Hyundai Elantra GT which my son's daily driver with 438,000 miles on the original engine and...
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    Pull cord tension so high after valve spring change

    I also needed to adjust my valves a few times on my modified Predator 212cc since my bike kicked back sometimes when pull starting it. I played around with the adjustment and rotated the engine back and forth a few times while adjusting and measuring with the feeler gauge and right now it pull...
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    GX 200 Smoothness

    Both run well. I am not sure if there is any major differences since I do not own a brand name Honda. I have used equipment which have Honda engines. Let's see if any people who own brand name Honda engines know of any significant differences between the engines.