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    Picked up this original bonanza engine today

    You misunderstood my tone. This gentleman made a post just showing an engine he bought but nothing further. No info, no questions, no further content provided like a cleaning or rebuild which to me seems a bit pointless.
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    Picked up this original bonanza engine today

    And? So, what?
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    brigs 2 hp throttle hook up

    Got photos of your engines? Engines that have an internal mechanically geared governor are easy IF you wish to maintain the factory governor. Their throttle controls attach to the governor linkage under the fuel tank, for example.
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    2 hp brigs aftermarket carb

    Basically anything is possible if you provide your own custom intake manifold. But the tank mounted carbs are Briggs-specific. They work okay but need good maintenance and to be fed good fuel (no ethanol).
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    performance ?

    You might be concerned about lubrication with the angled mount, but the kart racing guys who utilize the Briggs Raptor on an angled mount (I think it's 15°) use less oil than the factory specified 20-28 oz. Some sources recommend 14 oz on the angled mount. I guess the dipper is in no danger of...
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    Pull Start Assembly Broke, looking for options

    Do you just need the plastic pulley that the rope winds around? It's also part #295871 (Pulley-Rewind Starter) for the 5 HP 130.000 series. Pffft on the thirty bucks. Ebay has one for $8.95, free shipping. Why pay more? Stens Starter Pulley with Rope
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    Skat kitty exhaust “elbow”

    I was not aware of the difference. Thought all the heavy, cast, pebbly texture plumbing elbows were all cast iron and not steel. This is good news and am surprised the fabricator I mentioned before saw no other way, as in mentioning black pipe as an alternative material for a 45° elbow [welded...
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    Skat kitty exhaust “elbow”

    How did you weld steel to cast iron [if it is indeed cast iron]? I talked to a fabricator that said it couldn't be done.
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    Briggs Model number decode help needed circa 1984

    8 - Cubic Inches 1 - Basic Design Series (?) 2 - Horizontal Shaft 3 - Ball Bearing/ Flange Mounting/ Splash Lube 2 - Rewind Starter Pretty sure it's a Kool Bore [no cast iron cylinder sleeve] You ought to tear it open to be sure.
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    Throttle Problem

    This thread is worthless without pics. We have the technology, gentlemen. Why isn't it being used to the fullest?
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    Engine decals

    He offers decals in both water slide and self adhesive, but I've heard differing opinions on which is better. What kind are you ordering? The self adhesive 'sticker' kind sort of become water slide when you follow the recommended soapy water application instructions. They're more durable than...
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    Manco Thunderbird chopper build.

    That turned out nicer than I expected. A good clean, "aesthetic" look, nothing out of place and the right details. A longer seat that touched the gauge cluster would be my only "fix". What wheels and tires are those? I admire the beefy look they give.
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    Throttle Problem

    Wow, tossed it in the can? You can't let that engine beat you, man! You're smarter. You gotta figure you need a fairly strong return spring, a throttle cable with graceful curves (no sharp kinks) and no binding on the hand grip, I guess. Lube the cable and wire with a light oil too. Maybe the...
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    Briggs Model number decode help needed circa 1984

    You should do pics first because they are worth a thousand words. In my experience, the 4 HP Briggs [horizontal shaft, flat-head] usually has the series number 100200; the first two digits are the displacement i.e., 10 cubic inches. Next size up is 5 HP at 13 c.i. [130.000 series]. Or there...
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    Rare Motovox MBX11 underseat chrome pipe w/ removable stainless baffle, & extras

    Forgive my ignorance, but what engine does the pipe [and accessories] fit?