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    Chrysler Sno Runner

    It took a couple of years to find one local.It was listed without a picture way down in ad i jumped on it.I need to fix it before the a snow flies
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    Chrysler Sno Runner

    Thanks I finally found one on craigslist locally.It was listed with a bunch of other snowmobile stuff. I have some work ahead of me.
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    Chrysler Sno Runner

    The recoil off a Tecuseh two stroke snow blower fits on the Chrysler engine.There is plenty of them on ebay for less than sno runner recoil.
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    Gemini Puma

    Cool can you post photos of other bikes?
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    Tecumseh TCII 2-cycle 2 hp

    This was taken off Toro snow blower
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    That 70's Photo

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    Anyone make their own gas tank?

    The little bike is a old mini frame I shrunk and built a micro out of it with snow blower engine ahd other fabricated pieces. The thread is "micro mini bike" and photos are in my pics.
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    Anyone make their own gas tank?

    I used old motorcycle tank filler neck and tomato juice can.Its kinda thin but it works.
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    Moto Beta Premier Bebe 50

    Cool Beta! Missed one last year on craigs list.Love to see that restored:scooter:
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    Webco products?????

    Sorry on ebay
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    Webco products?????

    There is a very cool Honda Z50 Webco intake manifold listed now item #370491777465