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  • oh crap...did my membership run out today??? TODAY of all days....!!??

    lemme know if that's what happened I'll shoot you the money tonite! (there should be some kinda software thing that warns ya.....)
    Hi Hent; I sent my check for a supporting membership to the address on the site, it was returned as undeliverable, unable to forward. Please help!!! halkip13
    Hi Hent,
    I payed my supporting membership and someone forgot to renew it on the forum. Could you take care of this for me? Thanks jmbmini
    Hent, This is Phil Harrison Leon's son. Harrison research WILDCAT. I missed the pa trip had a lot on my plate, death in the family. But in a few weeks going to my family reunion with the builders of the wildcats that has taken a lot of my time I am working on getting as many pics and facts about the wildcats. I started a registration program all through this site its going good. there will be a lot of the wildcats there next year. My fathers wish or request to my mother was that people remembered him. He had cancer and new his time was limited. He put together 5 mini bikes one for each of us kids. We all knew what he wonted to be remembered for he was a big shot in the 60's and early 70's. This site is helping to complete his wish thanks to all who are making this site what it is just AWESOME, Happy trails Phil Harrison
    Hi Hent,
    Tried to order some parts from the Warehouse and when I entered my username and password then email address it won't work? Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? I used the password you provided? My user name is Bill Ellerby! Email is furbar53@aol.com!
    Let me know soonest so I can order the parts.
    what is the total cost for a year to be a supporting member? it only says about 2 dollars a month, i would rather pay for the whole year than monthly, let me know and thanks
    hey found old john deere mini bike but can not find info on it was told 1954 need pics and all tthe help can get
    What happened to being able to click on to "members" to locate somebody?
    Hent I was looking in the members photos section and I didnt see a Huskee section. I have a Huskee Hill Climber i would like to post pics in that section of.

    Hi Hent,
    do you run the OMB warehouse? If so, I was wondering if you could send me an actual picture of the 5.30/4.50/6 tires that you sell. I need a paid but the picture on the site makes them look like big ATC tires and I have concerns about them fitting thru my bonanza forks if they have extreme knobby pattern, can you send me a picture to jimlovesana@msn.com, thank you, jim
    Hent; a couple of days ago i wrote you a long P.M. and thought i sent it. Since there has been no response, I wonder if it got to you??
    Please let me know! Thanks, Paul
    Is there any way to find out who some one is name wise other then screen name? Another member is listed to be from the same town as me and im trying to figure out who he is.....<Kellen>
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