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  • Hi jbrocks,

    I saw where you mentioned using a 72t rear wheel sprocket on, what I think you mean, was a Coleman CT200 mini bike. I've been looking for something like this for better steep-trail hill climbing. Was it the Coleman, & if so, where did you get the sprocket? I'm using the factory jackshaft arrangement 10->20/<?>->50t rear (#420 chain).

    monsterscooterparts.com gives the rear sprocket specs as: center hole dia: 1-9/16", mounting hole dist: 3-1/8".

    -Howard (thirtyforty, also h_foster@pacbell.net)
    Hey ridgebuddy! That Bad Dog is very cool, got a Tecumseh 10hp Snow King engine with Comet TAV Torque Converter. It's a torque monster, top speed not as fast as my Lil Indians, but does 35mph by my GPS. Takes hills like nothin'. It's a big bike, really a full size bike in the shape and configuration of a minibike. What hasn't been done so far is to put a Predator 420cc engine in it. It would be challenging because you definitely need a TAV with tires that big and a 1" crank, but if you figured it out I think you'd get way more out of it than the Tecumseh. Good luck!:thumbsup:
    Hey man was wondering about the bad dog balloon tire bike and how it is on hills really like that one.Was thinking about getting two of them one for my wife and myself.I live in a really hilly area and was just curious about your tranny set up and how it does.plus any other info would be great love that bike.Have a good one.
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