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    *** Merry Christmas ***

    Merry Christmas to my OldMiniBikes family!! Haven't been on in quite awhile!! All is well with me and my family!! Hope all my brother's and sister's are doing good also!!!!
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    Look what followed me home yesterday.

    Wow Doug that is a great find and an awesome price!!
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    Anybody have any experience with these Lifan 125cc engines on Ebay?

    Hey Doug!! I still have a template of the engine mount I can mail ya if you want one! Just say the word! :thumbsup:
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    Shifter Minibike Build

    Hey Gary!! I just got all caught up!! WOW you did a fantastic job!! All the little details are so well done!! I love you went the extra mile with that disc brake setup and that chain tensioner is just awesome!! Very, very nice bike sir!!
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    New here and owner

    I think 5 and welcome to the site!
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    ** Happy Birthday Outlaw Ace **

    Happy Birthday Andy!!!! :thumbsup:
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    Chipper's Vintage Open Class Powell

    Really diggin that foot peg mod bro!!!! Cool idea!!!! :thumbsup: Heck a nice build as usual!!
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    ** Happy Birthday Fantic Freddy **

    Happy Birthday Fred!! :thumbsup:
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    Happy Birthday Phil1958!!

    Hope you have a super great day Phil!!
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    Happy Birthday byron ness!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day Byron!!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Scottessey

    What up Scott? Happy Birthday!!
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    hot rod Aggie

    Wow!! Very nice Kyle!! :thumbsup:
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    ** Happy Birthday Harleys Papa **

    A very Happy Birthday to you Randy!!!! :thumbsup:
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    Electric Mini Bike