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    built predator motor revisions

    Id say throw some locktite on the hardware store bolts you have and see where that takes you
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    110 Racing fuel?

    What psi of compression should i have? I grinded the bottom of my exhaust valve down to make for more compression and you can almost lift my bike off the ground with the pull cord.
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    Torque converter help

    Ive noticed that with the chinese 30 it eats belts bad, on my old doodlebug i just upgraded to a kevlar belt from my local supply store and it did not tear it up. Now after a while of riding i bet it would heat and stretch. I sold the thing and have no clue how its held up
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    Briggs 5hp.

    Theres not really one, i get payed every week and if i have to save for parts i can.
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    Arrr..a blow be coming!

    Be safe !
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    Briggs 5hp.

    Does anyone know of anyway to make a little more power with the briggs 5hp without doing all that fancy stroking and boring that i know nothing about ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    Tecumseh carb on a Briggs engine............. (here comes the hate mail)

    I just did this on my flatty, i drew the outline of the carb and the block and cut two "flanges" and then tacked a piece of pipe in the middle. Then took it to my friends dads shop and had one of his workers tig the adapter. It works very well for me.
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    What was your first ride?

    1959 ford f100 3 on the tree with the 292 y block. It was an old service truck at the gulf down the road and my grandpa bought it for me to toy around with. I ended up tearing up the yard with that thing untill the day we tore the engine out of it, put a 302 and a c6 tranny in it, lowered it 3...
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    VMBC Portland Indiana

    Alrighty i gotcha, gonna have to get me one of them screw on mufflers if i wanna go :laugh: thanks for your input
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    VMBC Portland Indiana

    Is there any rule on how loud your bike can be? Does it have to have a muffler?
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    Finished for now/ bozo mark 350

    Thats what i was going for! Ive built a few 212cc and they just dont look right on an old minibike. Figured this briggs would be great! Putts me around nice too!
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    Finished for now/ bozo mark 350

    I did some stuff this weekened and got the bozo finished, went on a little road trip with my buddy and ended up getting pulled over. This thing is extremely fast :scared:i topped out at 40 according to my phone.
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    Progress on my bozo mark 350

    Yep me and my dad got into collecting quart oil cans a few years back and have been traveling all over to buy them. Its a hobby, we have around 521 now in our 2 car garage we buy every single can we dont have. Ive travled everywhere just to buy cans carslile PA (bought a few minibikes there) and...