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    Who invented the minibike?

    Now i wanna put a fork into some pancakes and bacon. I always thought mini bikes were invented by those weird old guys in parades that wear the funny hats.:rolleyes: And their reasoning was because they felt bad for them and wanted all the little people to be able to ride their own...
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    We have a Viza Motors Venom donated to us

    A neighborhood kid gave me a derelict viper for redoing his apc rice rocket for him. The scooter was a fun build and all the kids enjoyed it for a summer. Once bored with it and it sat i knew it was time too pass it on. Besides the seized hinge lock on the handle bars on mine and that lousy...
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    Evel Knievel Museum

    Buddy of mine just scored a evel pedal trike for $5 at a yard sale, freaky handle bars on it.
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    Bike won't start, help!

    I agree with all above but on another hand i believe that kids can still have fun on it if you have the patience for it.. That type of engine like anything can be quite nit picky, noisy,slow,gutless and very problematic. Some of these engines have a oil filled gear box some just have a...
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    Comet clutch on a Rupp

    Good subject, im in on this info. As im thinkin both springs on my scrambler could/should be replaced, probably shouldve considered them when i got the new belt. Thanks for the links also.
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    Painting a gas tank

    Now thats serious stuff there. Thats the way to do it. Earlier i wanted too say but missed some letters.... I knew i "wasn't" the only one too do it this way.
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    I am using a 4.5 inch wide fiberglass fender to make a fender for my Rupp Roadster 2

    Few more for ya. 12" tire fender looks like 7 3/4 from end too plat mount hole. 1/2" for the front mount. I couldn't keep the cutout from flashing on me, plus its tough with the radius. but anyway.
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    Painting a gas tank

    Sweet. After that long thoughtful stare at my prepped and ready tank, the idea came too me. During the few min it took me too grab and set up the washers and snug them down and give the tank a little wobble test.. WOW WAS I ELATED that i thought of that. But then during the painting process it...
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    Painting a gas tank

    I was lookin for a way too hang and paint my rupp tank and get full coverage even through the tank mount holes. I needed to too spray it outside and move it indoors too dry and do it multiple times between color and clear coats obviously without touching it. One thing ive learned over the...
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    My 72 scrambler

    Some before pics. And my trike. The red 70 was a bike i resurrected and put togther a few yrs ago. This scrambler is SO much more better feeling in all around perfomance than that ole 70. The 70 felt heavy, slow ,janky and just not performance oriented like this scrambler feels, its a...
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    My 72 scrambler

    Its been awhile since i played around with my scrambler as i was focused on my t555 project. But i managed sometime too clean it up a lil' and make a few minor changes. I never intended to do a true restoration even though it couldve been a easy restore ,but thats been done many times, and im...
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    Budget Rupp build

    Good job on the resurrection. Alot of people just wouldn't be able too see the potential that bike had. With just a little bit of effort and knowledge too clean it up and throw some parts at it and turn it back into a presentable rider that anyone should be able too see potential in. Even...
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    Saved one from the smelter

    Awesome find! Some may call you a trash digger, but that is more like a easy treasure hunt. I have pulled a rockford chibi and a broncco out of scrap metal piles but neither was as nice as your find. Being that nice I suspect the motor was pulled and sold off, and the wheels probably thrown...
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    Rupp TT500

    Poppa wheelie
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    Let's see your modified Manco Thunderbirds

    The rear rotor and caliper is from one of those cheap apc minis, front is from a bicycle that will dissappear with the fork replacement.