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  • Cool, hope you have a quick recovery. Now that I think about it, I think I saw one of your bikes at Edwin's house. It caught my eye; you have a good taste.
    no problem/ i liked the workmanship on the cover myself,infact everything on the promod website looked nice i enterd it to my list of favorites for future projects his stuff will save alot of fabrication time
    i was looking around on line...cause i cant do anything else...but i found the perfect chain guard for that bike from edwin pro mod makes them out of aluminum 39.99
    very cool larry, looking good man, have you ridden it yet. so what all did you get for the motor and is it all in, in the pictures. yeah those caps look cool. send me a couple if you get a chance, i'll pay the shipping, 10841 saticoy st sun valley ca 91352. thanks. yeah i want to see it all blacked out. are you keeping the yellow on the shroud cover.
    well about 90% of my bike are some form of black, that would be nice. paint or powder and do the wheels just like the farrari.
    larry did you find a seat. theres two on ebay right now , buy it now for $20. black with gold trim and all black, check it out. just type in minibike seats and it should come up
    yeah if you have some time, any time bring it over and we can set it up and you can ride mine, you will be amazed.
    you mean on the champion. i totally re do the throttle setup and override the governor. you can remove the governor or override it. its up to you but either way i changed teh set up by relocating the main heavy spring and adding my own linkage from a hanger. i have a cool way i have to show you.
    yeah that sounds right, not sure of the 30 ft lbs torq spec, i just use german spec gudentight with a little locktight shoould be fine.
    whats up korn ? do did you score that 4 stroke book ? jsut curious looks like a good book.
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