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    340 salsbury series

    dang rip.... are you going to weld the pieces back together? I might weld this part before it breaks off on mine...
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    340 salsbury series

    Are you using a stock driven spring or a yellow driven spring?
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    340 salsbury series

    I did test my set up last weekend, and was very impressed with the results. I had 10/59 gearing 5.9 ratio with 14.5 tires. I was at 120 main jet with a 17.5 pilot jet needle in middle setting at 9150 elevation at about 75 degrees. Bike idles at 1400-1500rpm's, and was very wheelie sensitive...
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    340 salsbury series

    Glad to see you’re liking the juggernaut with the 7” driven. That is exactly what I have set up right now. Juggernaut with 7” driven - stock driven spring set at hole #1 with 10:59 gearing, and 14.5” tires. Going to test it out this weekend. What does your gearing/tire size/rpm/top speed look...
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    The Ultimate Off Road Bonanza Build Returns

    Sweet build - mini bike looks really good. Did you get it tuned in yet jetting wise. I was also wondering what tav belt # are you running 203591? Also what’s ur rear sprocket size?
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    Comet belt 203589 vs 203591

    Anyone know the difference in size between these two belts? I have a tav 30 unit with a 7” driven cane with a 203589 belt, but it’s a bit tight. Wanted to get the bando Kevlar belt which is belt 203591.. Thanks OldMiniBikes
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    Honda clone rpm's with governer removed.?

    I just did the same ordered the juggernaut, but make sure to change your driven spring in your tav converter to a stiffer yellow spring for quicker downshifting, and higher top speed... My set up 10t tav to 59 tooth tire = 5.9 gear ratio (with a torque converter you want your ratio around...
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    30 series torque converter driver clutch 3/4” bore

    Selling a brand new never used 30 series torque converter driver only. looking for $45 shipped will entertain offers, thank you.
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    Hilliard inferno flame clutch + 11t + 13t driver $65 shipped

    Sold thanks OldMiniBikes!
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    Hilliard inferno flame clutch + 11t + 13t driver $65 shipped

    It is for a 3/4” shaft
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    Hilliard inferno flame clutch + 11t + 13t driver $65 shipped

    will take $60 shipped lowest :)
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    TAV 2 - Aftermarket belt upgrade

    I have a chinese copy of a tav 2 with a 7" driven, and wanted to upgrade the torque converter belt. I believe the part number for the comet belt for the 7" driven is 203591. I am specifically looking for a bando premium kevlar belt for the tav 2 copy, but am having a hard time locating any. On...