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  • gear ratios 3'5"belt clutch 6" jackshaft pulley to 18t sprocket #40 chain to 41t rear sprocket to 21' honda quad rear end 'clutch' wants to fry,,, powered by375cc 8hp briggs
    Max the old macs will turn up to 12000 rpm safely. Your mac 9 puts out 7-12 hp depending on how it is tuned. These engines DOMINATED the early years of Karting. Check out some of the vintage karting web sites You can find a lot more info on the Macs...good luck, Tony
    I thought about it but it already drags the stock sprocket sometimes, so a larger diameter one would be impractical and possibly dangerous. It might be a plan in the future, as we've installed a rear hydraulic brake. This thing stops on a dime and gives change.
    heres his other site Australian Vintage Mini - Bikes ...... page 2 the index...................
    Its a mac 45 on the bike and a mac 60 on the blender. check out mcbob on this site or go to his chainsaw site McCulloch Chainsaws ................................... You will find EVERYTHING about these old motors there...good luck, Tony
    It definitely has tons more gittyup! I weigh right at 360 and with the TAV it will pull the front wheel and put me on my butt. That's also with me sitting as far forward on the seat as I can. With just a clutch, it goes well, the TAV is no comparison, you'll like it much more. Also, I certainly would NOT recommend the use of a TAV on something a child will be riding.
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