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    Bonanza Chopper Frame Marketplace Find

    What a mess of pipe that was turned into. You already have it looking 100% better and you're just started on it!
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    High Speed Front Forks

    Hum...let me guess, the torque that can't fit through the exhaust pipe will go to the clutch?
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    easy anodizing removal larger parts???

    Markus anodizing is a surface treatment that eats into the aluminum and forms a surface barrier to protect it from oxygen exposure. Why would you need to remove it? Sandblasting is the only safe way I know of to remove anodizing.
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    Fresh HS50

    It's better than new inside and out!!!
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    Oil burning on an HS40

    Those gouge lines have been there for a long time, you can tell by the soot stains that are embedded in them. I call bs on cylinder honing because it would take many, many, many hours to wear off the hone marks where the rings ride against the cylinder. The truth lies at the top ridge of the...
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    Predator 212 idle and starting issue

    A little crumb of dirt in the idle jet that's upsetting the idle mixture.
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    Post your cars!

    Thank you, with a door handle that's 5 1/2' off the ground it's hard to miss in any yard!
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    Wants to lurch at idle

    A torque converter will give you the same top speed, some of them can even provide 10% overdrive when it's appropriate. Your real benefit is the 2:1 reduction at low speeds, that's double torque and the drive belt will tolerate slipping without destroying itself. I feel you will be very...
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    Wants to lurch at idle

    During that low speed ride the clutch was probably slipping and got the springs so hot that they lost their temper. That's why your problem started after the low speed ride. A torque converter would probably be your best option for all around use.
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    Post your cars!

    At one time the back of this truck was completely filled with green oak lumber and the springs didn't even move, truckers had it rough back in the day!
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    Post your cars!

    My oldest antique to date, 1941 International K5 COE. Driving this truck for just one hour had me worn out for the day!
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    Post your cars!

    This is my 1982 Toyota pickup with a Toyota turbo diesel engine. Few of these were ever sold in the USA since gas was only $.65/gallon at the time. This one is currently for sale so I have room to move in the driveway, my spouse has finally laid down the law.
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    CT200U drum brake fix?

    What size is your brake drum?
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    Some fresh paint and new tires for the 'ol DB30

    I love that color...gotta build another bike just so I can paint it that color!!!
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    CCS Super Charger

    Can't tell you the year but it looks like it has real leaded paint on the frame if that helps.