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    Arco/Alexander Reynolds trike.

    It’s probably the same one but a roller like that popped up on here years ago, edit, decal on the forks don’t look as good, so may be different, but it was in Ohio.
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    History: Mini Bike Factories, Suppliers and Dealers

    Western auto Wizards with the briggs and scrapheaps on them! Thier assembly line stands are pretty neat. I wonder if they are on a conveyor belt?
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    Water Slide Tecumseh Decal sets (minibikepaul)

    @capguncowboy, decals and other stuff arrived today, now I gotta build 4 more HS40's :p, well 3.1 of them as I just have one little thing to finish and then paint on one right now:cool: Thank you!
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    Tecumseh hp question ?

    Put a little upward bend in the center of the rod that connects arm to the carb, they have a tendency to stick sometimes due to the angles (that one actualy does not look like the typical style with Z bends, still will work fine if bent just right)
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    Tecumseh hp question ?

    @manchester1 the little clamp (its called the governor lever clamp) that you bolt the arm to..... rotates the governor shaft, and the pivot is below the arm you bolt to it. so if you are pushing the arm to the right along with it, it is pushing the govenor inside the engine closed (pushing the...
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    Tecumseh h40 charging?

    I have a couple magnet sets (3 magnet version) available for the late model Tecumseh engines along with a template/pattern I can supply for where and how to install. you can use a couple different alternators which can be found used/new. I have a 611116 full alternator available right now, it s...
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    Tecumseh on a Renyolds minibike

    HS50 is the engine size. Yes a metal tank will fit with the correct brackets, Metal tanks ended in 1970 for the most part so there was only a short timeframe that they had spacing to accomadate the wider bolt pattern head. so If your donor tank came from say a 1968 H 25-35 or HS40 you would...
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    What is it? Trailhorse, Arco?

    Bonanza kit500
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    Cat, Sears? What is it

    Invader, do a search here in this section I just id’ed one recently for someone.
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    Tecumseh on a Renyolds minibike

    Thats an actual RV (recreational version) engine, the throttle control is just setup so cable comes from the bottom. to better mimic a briggs and stratton type setup so it was more plug and play on some karts. An "RV" engine is what mini bikes got as well, So when it comes the HS50's that...
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    did the look of the site change just a little or did I do something to my computer?

    thanks, here’s what I just came home’s my payback for the false accusation yesterday.... off to Office Depot to get mouse #5 I guess!
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    What is the best Shipping Carrier to use to ship an engine?

    good packing is key for any of them, no matter who you choose! They all will Ace ventura them :D
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    What is the best Shipping Carrier to use to ship an engine?

    I mainly use fedex, they usually come in the most affordable. I have not tried ups in the last few years, but I do get donor engines I buy in from others though them a lot. Ups will put another box around them, ring the bell and run when you get one in that puked oil all over the place and half...
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    did the look of the site change just a little or did I do something to my computer?

    Not a complaint, but did the look of the site change slightly? I dunno if I am just starting to loose my mind or if the dog did something (He comes in the office and steals the wireless mouse on a daily basis and has literally screwed things up before!) whatever happened I like it, Just not...
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    Nelson manufacturing Invader, you will probably find more info or bike to look at using "calkart invader" to search with as they were shop that sold them.