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    I hope to get up there As early as I can Friday, if...
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    Trail Horse decal size?

    My bad, can’t find so far, got one more file cabinet to check... doesn’t look good though.
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    Trail Horse decal size?

    I have pictures and dimensions of the decals somewhere, hopefully still have them. I’ll look this afternoon. I think I even made tracings but...
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    Any NY New England racing

    Yes, thanks, I plant on heading to Phil’s this year. Just a tough month for me. And a long wait!
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    Any NY New England racing

    For our old school trikes? Haven’t seen much from the Wachussett, Electric City etc folks? Minis and trikes been gathering dust... I know the ATC style trike racers will be going strong but maybe the MA/CT/NY/VT crew lost interest?
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    Phil: here’s to a speedy recovery! Jay: post here and I’m in for helping clear for this year etc. Owen: I can’t leave you alone for one year and you’re off getting into trouble with the locals?... Hoping to make it this year
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    International International Class , Trailhorse Street Racer

    Nice start! I’ll be watching that extended swing arm build since you guys all have more wrenching tools than I. I’m making a trail horse with the jack shaft mounts a little longer to get the original swing arm back a couple inches so I’m really interested in how you do it.
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    First Ride of 2020- Cabin Fever!

    Very cool area, thanks for posting, looks like you can still ride around without too many hassles
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    mini bike & trike rules wachusett valley riders club winchendon ma.

    Yikes! get well soon guys!
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    mini bike & trike rules wachusett valley riders club winchendon ma.

    Anyone racing trikes this summer? How’s Gumpit doing? Where’s Rich D? Is Josh still fast as ever? I hope everyone is well and or mending fast, Inquiring minds want to know (and race)
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    NY Gambler 100

    sounds good
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    NY Gambler 100

    The FB site says noon Friday August 23 to noon Saturday the 24th. When is the start time and is there on site camping allowed? Thanks
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    Repop fenders

    I’ve got two pairs of 125cc’s fenders on two of my riders and even used one on the front of a trike I race. They are strong and really nicely finished. Gotta get a clutch cover next! Pm sent.
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    Bodyless MTD MudBug

    There’s a body on Albany NY craigslist for 350.00 but I think it was listed a couple weeks ago for 100.00 so there’s probably some room to negotiate but shipping would be tough on that size item...
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    mini bike & trike rules wachusett valley riders club winchendon ma.

    Let’s say it’s a flat track oval with a TT course that most of you have been to?