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    Tecumseh, Dellorto, slide carbs, Black Widow

    This was my cheaper version than going with the original Dellorto carb. Pz20mm carb. Tecumseh HS50 ported, compression release ground of cam. Made my own intake manifold. After getting main jet sized right. It runs very good. Still running strong for 5 years now.
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    Murray Track 2 exhaust finally

    I don't have Preditor engine but a harbor freight 6.5hp blue clone engine on my Murray. I built mine with prebent 7/8" tubing and made my flange to go on the engine. I run a straight pipe with turn out. I had to increase my main jet to get it to run good. but sounds great now. one of my favorite...
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    Car show this weekend

    Looks like a good show. :thumbsup:
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    new Bonanza Mx tank

    Pm sent.
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    Vintage Motor Bike Club Meet

    Another good year at the show. But I didn't take many pictures this year.
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    RUPP TT500 build

    I like it, Green and chrome looks good on it.:thumbsup:
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    Getting ready for a TT500 restoration!

    Looks like a nice project. I think I seen this bike before.
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    Picked up A Heald VT-8 Today ....

    Nice find.:thumbsup:
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    That bike going to get on it with the clone engine. Nice build. :thumbsup:
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    Vintage Class Rupp Roadster Rebuild

    Nice build. I like the color. :thumbsup:
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    "BRRRRRUUUUPPPP" 2016 Build Off Vintage Open "1964" Rupp

    Nice custom Rupp. :thumbsup:
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    2x2 Build

    Very cool.:thumbsup: I cant wait to see it done.
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    Super Bronc Upgrades

    Nice bike Steve. :thumbsup:
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    Mini Bike Guides

    Someone on here a few years back put some on disc and I don't think they ever sold any or offered them for sale. I would be interested in the collection. If the price was 150 or less for the collection. It would be cool to have them.