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    bonanza frame variations

    There are lots of variations. I even refer to big frames and small frames. The engine plates even vary in width.
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    Taco Score

    congrats, lots to work on there.
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    1969 cat 250x finished

    Cool bike, nice job.
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    Featherweight West Bend 580 engine

    Very cool, the exhaust is awesome. There are plenty of people on this site that know about this engine.
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    Trail horse gto 1400

    Did you re-chrome or just clean fenders, shocks, & pipe? Bike looks great.
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    General Minibike restoration questions. Bonanza specifically.

    really depends on how light hits this paint but i think it's close
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    BONANZA BC1300

    that is a nice bike. is that kick stand original to that?
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    Lil Indian Econo Build..... kinda long

    Very nice... All Motor.
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    Bonanza E Engines You'll find the info you're looking for on this site.
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    Windber 2021

    I'm jealous of you guys. My wife is dragging me off to a short vacation to the beach. (I was going to say "mini vacation" but I'm going to miss my real "mini bike vacation" for the first time in 3 years. If I only knew, way back then, that Jeff did Windber at this time of the year, I would've...
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    BONANZA stenciled on back of seat

    Thanks to everyone for the input. I appreciate it.
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    BONANZA stenciled on back of seat

    I've got 2 examples but the font doesn't match.