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    RIP Bonanza Dave Miller !

    He was one of the original minibike legends. Godspeed
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    MTD trailflite chain guard

    New listing on EBay . Not mine
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    Tecumseh hp question ?

    Its an Oring that has flattened and hardened over time. There is nothing else between the oring and the metal body of the carb.
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    Good beginner frame idea?

    Where are you located ?
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    Happy Birthday dragracertpp

    Happy birthday, My friend :scooter:
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    ID Help

    Grand Prix
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    HS50 score

    Looking good. The cam PTO is already chopped off. For those that don't already know, CFH has an excellent thesis on the subject of these conversions.
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    I.D. help

    Just a side question, Is that catalog page from Bennett Brothers in Chicago?
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    Gearing question.

    The BMI calculator computes and factors in the circumference of the tire in its calculated results. Is that what your referring to?
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    Gearing question.

    Yes you are correct. Top speed is determined by power and weight as well as gearing. The speed calculator is based on the highest speed the engine will reach based on the load(or governor). The BMI speed calculator indicates a top speed of 42 mph based on a max 3600 rpm,12 tooth front , 30...
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    Gearing question.

    BMI karts has online gear ratio calculators . You can also find the range for various torque converter set ups. Using these ratios, then factor in the tire diameter and max engine rpm and you will have your top speed. The rear sprocket can be changed. Find a universal sprocket with the tooth...
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    Gearing question.

    Just some casual observations: *The frame you have is a bird manufactured product , a bird wren or sears runabout . I see the old scrub brake mounting brackets. it originally had 5" wheels *Is there a brake setup on the rear wheel? You are going to need some type of brake. *The frame has...
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    Rupp Repairs in Chicago area

    Whereabouts in the Chicago area are you?PM with your contact info. We'll get together and fix your problems.
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    Rupp Repairs in Chicago area

    If you need a 2 speed clutch Blackwidowmotorsports has them for $89.00, check out their website. Or is yours stuck on the crankshaft or non functional? What problem are you having the carb?