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  • Hello do you know where I could find a engine for a dune cycle? I am buying one for my younger brother and it needs a new engine. Please use not so mechanical words. I am not great with these things (I will have a good enginer friend put the motor in)
    Been looking for a throttle linkage, found a thread you had titled "Big block" throttle linkage. I am in need of that whole 3 piece throttle setup. my shroud was stolen off my 8hp tecumseh and all the linkages went with it. You have any idea where I may find them. Also I saw where I could get a template when installing the linkage. you know where I may get that as well??
    Thanks Randy ;) BTW, I'm sorry about what I wrote in that thread: i mean he was looking for it. :) Trust me, i normally am far from being an ass :P
    Honda 5HP Mini Bike

    Hi, I have the same engine from a power washer I would like to put on my mini bike. The shaft is a wierd size. How did you do this? Do you have pictures?

    Thanks, Jim avman@snet.net
    Hey there Randy,
    I just saw your reply for the Margay wheel halves. If you have 2 - 1.5" halves, that would suit just fine. Sorry for the delayed reply.

    Hello i an new and canot seny a pm but if you still have the bike i would give you 200. for rhe fenders w/brackets ane the chain guard assy
    Thank You-David
    do u think i can sell that trackcycle before christmas or at least new year s eve
    Re: Christmas 2010


    Let's switch to the phone, trouble is i cannot find your number! I am 805 889 1932
    Hey Randy...Are there any other Tec motors which use the same cover and crank as the HS40?? This would broaden the available choice of parts. Thanks.
    Hey Randy........How much for 2 Mini Mate decals for the front forks ? mailed to Romulus Michigan Let me know Thanks kevin........
    good morning not too many people up i put some pictures on here last night what do u think of my little building of toys
    you dont have any literature or pictures for the 1971 fox sundowner spoke wheel bike do you or would you know where i could go to get any ?
    did you see the post from the newbie on the black beauty post that they are the original manufactures of stellar , do you think it is true ?
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