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    need comet 20 series for 5/8 belt
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    Can't find engine ID numbers

    Definitely a 5hp. The cast recoil housing wasn't used on many Briggs motors and is an upgrade from the stamped steel housings.
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    Briggs and Stratton Coil Magneto Magnetron

    An old Briggs repairman once told me "If you don't have the sparkplug wire attached and spin the flywheel, the spark will fire inside the coil and short it out". I always connect the kill wire FIRST to the motor before installing a coil on the motor and keep it there until everything is...
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    Arizona Off Road Rules

    I'm not sure about Arizona, but here in Utah most Tote Gotes and minibikes fail the required spark arrestor requirement.
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    How much oil?

    The listed oil capacity for the model 130202 Briggs 5hp is 21oz. If you plan to run the motor at higher RPM (above 3600), I would run less oil to avoid oil being forced out the breather and into the carb. I would fill a 16oz bottle and let that be the total oil. Change oil often and use an oil...
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    Anyone know what bike this is?

    Markus is right, Tote Gote model 680 Nova
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    Looking for Tote Gote parts, like front wheel, maybe even forks.

    xr7gt is right, you have a modified Tote Gote model 600. Many of the trail scooters from this era used the same front wheel. Tote Gote welded a drum on the wheel for a front brake.
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    Bonanza briggs throttle Link doesn't seem to be working. Search OldMiniBikes for Raptor throttle.
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    Bonanza briggs throttle

    Easiest way to hook up a Briggs Pulsa jet carb is with this kit!
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    Tote Gote what model ?

    Tote Gote model VS (Variable Speed), second version of the Tote Gote. This model had the Deepco belt drive system. Drive and driven pulleys have the brand name cast into the surface. 3hp briggs motor with Flojet carb and remote tank. Schwinn produced the front brake.
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    A gote without a name

    You're doing great work, awesome photos, too. I was hoping you could restore the electric start, oh well...