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  • Hi Rob
    Thank you very much for the cool pics!
    Gonna get some frames and hang em on the shop wall : )
    Very cool!!!
    Hi Rob
    Congrats to another Victory! Sounds like you are having allot of fun : )
    I got your clutch in, What is your paypal e-mail to send a invoice to.
    The Clone clutch cost me 48, I can ship 2-3day priority for 4.95 total= 52.95
    Thanks Rob,

    I challenge myself and my abilities to improve, seek out info and help, watch-listen-and learn from others, and take responsibility for my actions win or loose. This goes for on and off the track. Great advice for anyone who wants to accomplish their goals in life.

    I look forward to our next challenge.

    Check the member list today - no more "Randy Collier" - I hope he shows up at Perris, then you hold him while i administer the beating!! LOL . . . . . . sort of.
    Holy crap, your not dicking around! FYI when he called i tried the boss thing; he says that the boss is his buddy! Oh yea!
    The only track we have here local is a quarter mile oval paved, the promoters suck! If they can't make money their not interested. We have been doing races in abandoned parking lots, which has been great... But risky! Were in new York land of the lawsuit nobody wants the liability here! But we will keep looking! Thanks keep up the great races!
    i,ll get out to VV for the relations of it and hope every thing goes good with ventura and sorry again just got cuaght off guard and couldnt do much about it to it was too late but will keep in touch for these future events ect.tell every one to be safe and just have fun ecspecially paul!
    yeah i talked to john aden and said he doesnt care if three racers show up because he already posted the minibike race in his program and if we pull out now for ventura he,ll probally will not give the minibikers another chance so i,ll just go out there with the couple guys that live out there and still want to race to keep in good relations with john aden you know what mean? so between the couple riders out there and my son it will be good for him! and will line it up better in the future?! his next events dont interfer with Perris so thats good ! if the guys want to race every weekend or can afford it they can between VV and Perris! I am working on a cool event on a friend ranch he has a huge old soccer field we can turn in to a flat track?drags? TT? what ever we want and we could do a camp over? i also have hook up with a vintage mx club who,s dieing to have us out and will mellow out sections of the track for us could be fun?!
    I'm not sure what kind of rod it was but it didn't have a replaceable bearing in it. So it's history as is the crank.

    I bought a couple of clones Saturday. I'm going to start building one next week.
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