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    Hilltopper frame and front tire $50

    I need a rear tire with brake hub
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    Hs50 Tecumseh and h25 Tecumseh engines

    Interested in the H25, would need shipping to Vt 05495
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    The Official Minibike Wheel Thread

    I wonder if you still have this rear wheel? I need one.
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    Identify this engine

    I need a rear wheel with brake assembly for a Huskee.
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    I need a six inch rear wheel with sprocket and brake.
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    Wanted Rupp C-250 forks

    I have a set of forks that I think are Rupp, the head tube measures at 5 1/2 inches. Email me at and I can send some pictures.
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    Exhaust Flex Pipe

    I do want it, I only need 7 inches
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    Exhaust Flex Pipe

    I need a small section of 1 inch exhaust flex pipe. I don't want to buy a 25 foot roll of the stuff.
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    Tecumseh Engine Shroud ID Plate H35

    Yes, I still need one
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    Parting Out FOX Street Scamp(Condor,Spoiler)

    Sent you a message about the front brake.
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    1970 Arco Easy Rider II

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    1970 Arco Easy Rider II

    Just finished the restoration of my Arco Chopper. If I could figure out how to post pictures, I would.
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    Tecumseh H35 Engine ID plate

    Thanks for the offer, but my motor is non lighted. Just sold a Rupp lighted coil and flywheel on Ebay.
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    Tecumseh H35 Engine ID plate

    Would sell just the ID plate?