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    Thanks to the Forum (New Guy here)

    nice I like it, ive been busy lately and fell of this mini bike thing, and concentrated more on my rigs but I like this new frame style,
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    Motovox MBX11 front suspension on a Doodlebug

    geez ive been out of it for awhile those new frames are kinda cool
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    Comment by 'skokryder' in media 'My ne'

    marked this high because it is mine wtf !
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    my DB 6.5 dream came true

    Looks great Ive always liked the military style on these dbs too great job like your leather seat :thumbsup:
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    Comment by 'skokryder' in media 'DSC00037'

    good job like how your exhaust kicks out might steal the idea if you don't mind ps it looks like its about time for a new rear tire
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    Comment by 'skokryder' in media 'Orange bug'

    nice bike really clean, I like the seat cover kinda looks like one of my grandma's sofa's
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    painted the DB and stuck a different engine in it

    good job :thumbsup:(obviously I like red and black on a db) I think the eninge in it now looks great something different from everyone elses and and it goes with the old school theme with the red and black( even though its on a db
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    I don't get it...

    well i guess it beats crank starting :doah:
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    I don't get it...

    :lol: leave the site for awhile and it's the same argument :out: I get it you find a old mini you get the original engine( you don't shove a Hyundai engine into a model t). get a kit or new frame, or build it engine choice is open. or if you have an old mini and just want to roll throw whatever...
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    No more Pontiac

    It is sad to see Pontiac go but it really hasn't been pontiac in a long time they stopped making there own engines and car designs,and just throw there badge and ugly "grand prix" frontend they can't seem to sway from, on good cars. examples are the recent Holden Monaro and commodore both are...
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    Zipster Build...

    you got my vote for mbotm way to represent WA state(to much for time for hobbies during winter/spring/fall but summers almost here and your ready to ride) great bike :thumbsup: love the lines
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    VW GTI 20th Anniversary FOR SALE

    nice car not to mention only 4000 were made making it a collectible car for the vw enthusiast( I know someone who has one, can't stop talking about it or Volkswagen and German cars for that matter ) so that's a good price(especially on as nicely maintained as yours)
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    now you got me thinking of buying one of these things they got one at our local auto parts store for 260
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    nice build the frame mod alone is sweet, the whole thing looks bad ass "torque monster"
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    DB30 w/ 110cc Lifan and 4speed tranny

    that bike looks sweet, atleast that engines meant to be reved hard all day long not like a 6.5 where you want to back off after short spurts and worry about breaking it. I used to hold the revs hard in my lifan 110cc mini chopper