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  • hey Steve I know you dont know me, but i saw the trike pic and wanted to ask questions about it- if you have free time..Thank you from Justin
    With your Tri-Sport body being white it was made by the company who bought out Alsport when they went bankrupt. That company was called Pro-Mart I would think keeping the side stickers would be best. I will have to go out to the shop and measure the overall length of the differential assembly
    Hi Steven, Killgor here I did measure the distance between the bearing mounts but they were bent. I believe it was 7.5" but I'll double check now that I have the solid axle in. I was wondering about the stickers on the side too. Mine are good but faded. Should I risk pulling them off or just paint them?
    Hello. I am thinking about buying a dune cycle from my grandparents and I already know I need a new engine. Do you know where I could find one? I am planning on restoring it for my younger brother.
    Steve ,

    I just bought my son (10yrs) a go-kart with hurst/airheart brakes (disc) that are shot Im afraid...leaking caliper.

    How much are you asking for master and caliper?....(re-building the airheart at their prices sheeeshhh)...

    Hello my name is Ty Case,

    I revised a Alsport Tr-Sport SL from my Great Grampa when he passed away, he used it as a Shriner car and had not used it for 5 years before i got it. i had it running at one point and had some electrical problems so i set on the task of re wiring it. I have tried looking up information on multiple occasions and it has just lead to more questions then answers. There is not alot on the internet on my trike. and this is is how i came accost you, you seem to be a expert on these trikes. I would love any help you could give,
    Thanks Steve ! No big plans, all my friends will be with there girlfriends. I'll won't see mine until the weekend.
    Hi Mike : Are you talking about a torque converter ? The do work great especially if you have hills to climb. I was out installing a 92 % efficient gas furnace today when you called.
    Steve: I have started working on putting the Mac in my mini bike. What do you think about my putting one of those "drives" on it? I could machine a bushing to go on the shaft with the drive going on the bushing. Do you think its worth the trouble? We're not old, just experienced. Mike
    Hi Mike : Well now that's a plan something to work on. Make sure you take the pictures it is surprising how wanting to get things done it's easy to forget the pictures. And they are here when your old. Oh I forgot we are old LOL Steve
    Steve: I am now in possesion of the mini bike that started all this up again for me. I am going to show a guy I work with that has never ever ridden a two wheel anything with an engine on it in his life the true joy of riding a mini bike after work tonight, then I plan to remove the 3hp tecumseh on Wednesday and begin putting in the Mac. Mike
    Hi Mike : Yes the did come and they are great. They bring back memories of good things in my past. But lucky you have one to enjoy. Now we just need to find you a good frame to fit it into.
    Steve: Looks like I forgot the 11 in your email address. When I get home later on tonight from work, I will give it another try. Mike
    Hi Mike : Real nice to remissness about the past life at the Hilton Hotel. I was thinking about a mini bike that might be something that you would like for your McCulloch engine project . Take a look in the photo section for a Murry Mini Bike they have a different style of frame. Steve
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