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    Oley PA Mini Bike Show Swap and Ride May 8,9th 2020

    Does anyone know if riding is permitted at this show?
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Harleys Papa

    Happy Birthday Randy !!!
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    Built two bikes in one night.

    Some kool stuff !!!
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    Vintage Bonanza bc1300

    Good looking bike !!!!!
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    *** Merry Christmas ***

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!!
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    I got my first one for christmas, i was maybe 12. A used, not running, cracked frame Rupp Sprint. I was soooooo happy!!!
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    Supercharged 5hp Briggs Setup!

    very kool !!!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday Karen!/manchester1 !

    Happy Birthday Karen, hope it was a great one!!!!
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    Happy Birthday BonanzaBadBoy

    Happy Birthday BBB!!!
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    Lil Petro

    I`ve seen this awesome little bike, very, very kool mini bike!
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    L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet. Sunday May 20th 9a.m. to 2p.m.

    nexman12 weather`s gonna be great too!
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    Happy Birthday Ray Michrina, Mini bike King

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    "Before and After" pics

    Wow really nice !! markus I`m dreaming up something like that for my grandson, gonna use a Stellar frame I have laying around.