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  • Tried to post pocket flashlight gun. Cannot figure out how. let me email it to you then you may be able to post it?? It is worth the trouble.

    it's not hard to do. do a search and read some posts on here. people have posted some good tricks for getting everything lined up.
    my 5.5 bolted right up to my frame. my frame is a '70 or '71 Cat Eliminator so it's a bit different. do you have a DB30?
    hey Strigoi did you use one of chris's mounting plates for your clone engine or did u just drill and slot the holes yourself?
    Cool, I'll look into it.

    Hey, you wouldn't happen to have a mounting plate for an HF 6.5HP engine for a DB30 laying around would you? I can't get a hold of cjtmini to get one. I've been putting off drilling and slotting holes because I'd like to use a mounting plate but I can't find one. I'm seriously about to just drill and slot the holes already.
    i'm sure you could find some BLM land within a couple of hours of this area. it's about a 6 hour drive to Jawbone, so it's a bit of haul just to do some shooting. it's a fun place to go camping though. the weather is nice down there in november (just a bit cold at night).
    Looks like fun! I'd love to be able to let loose somewhere like that (but up here). The ranges here don't allow any rapid fire, double-tap, or bump-fire unless you're part of some law-enforcement or military training.
    that shot was taken in Jawbone Canyon in the Mojave desert. a bunch of us go down there every November to do some partying and shooting..
    Hey Strigoi, nice to know there are locals who are also into shooting and minibiking. Where are you shooting at in your avatar? I live in Tracy and I usually go to United Sportsmen or Pleasanton Rod & Gun.

    i'm still trying to get it adjusted properly. i got it used and it was set up for a kart. it's really too early to tell and it doesn't help that my carb isn't dialed in right now either. i just got it running this morning.
    Nice mini,how do u like the chetta clutch,what is it that makes them worth the price?? verses.a noram or max torque for 1/2 the money??

    thanx Johnf.357
    did you hear about the mini bike swap meet?
    Dec 7th. meet at 8 am for swap meet, ride at noon.


    Atomic Cycles

    17322 Saticoy

    Van Nuys, CA 91406

    We will do five stops on our route. It's not a race, it's a group ride. The last two stops will be the Toys r' Us on Sherman Way and Woodley to pick up a toy and the last stop will be the Fire Station on Louse and Vanowen to drop off the toy for Toys for Tots. This means you'll need to buy a toy for the kids. The three best hands will get 1st, 2nd, 3rd for points. one for showing up. Yes, this means that just because you have been to most of the races and draw a good hand you could take the whole thing. This is the last run and people that have not signed up are free to join us free of charge.

    We will be doing a swapmeet at 8 am until 2 pm. At noon, we will do the ride and it should take about an hour. Working on the bb-q angle. more info tba.
    you should come if you have a lot of stuff to sell
    the doodlebug doesn't have the holes for a bigger motor. you'd either need a plate or have to drill new ones. the big red bike has a 3.5 tecumseh on it (it's cold blooded too) and a TAV2.
    You need to clear out your PMs.

    I can't send you anymore.

    Does the doodle bug have bolt holes for a briggs 5hp?

    Is the other bike a Tecumseh?
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