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  • i actually don't know who the guy is that does the work. all my friend told me was that he's got a guy that does powder coating for their shop. he just told me to drop it off when i got it taken apart. i'm not sure if he'll do it for cheap for everyone, i've been friends with this guy for over about 14 years now.
    hey my name is bobby and i was reading a message you had left a guy about your friend who paints mini bikes. if its no problem can you turn me own to him because i have a mini bike that i am restouring and i need someone who can do the paint job for me. thanks
    i'd rather not ship it. it will easily sell locally for what i want for it. i just need to get it back from where it is now. me and the guy aren't really talking to each other anymore.
    you don't need to get a different carb. all you need is a longer fuel line (probably 5/16" line). just run it from the tank to the carb.
    i will have pictures of my minibike up this weekend. i want a different carburetor that has a fuel line that runs to my tank that sits on top of the frame. where can i get one from. hell i dont know even remember what brand the engine is but i know its a 5 horse power engine. i will be getting the engine this weekend or monday.
    im new to the board. im 6'1 265 ex football player. what you mean torque convertor for minibike. i have one that im bout to restore and buying a 5.0 engine. will that get me around my little country town with ease.
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