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    Blown Big Block Chevy on the Dyno!

    Or just tell us what it dyno'd.
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    Will lighting coils work on this engine?

    Like toomanytoys said, a power tool battery works well.
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    Will lighting coils work on this engine?

    If it uses the same crank as the 212 non-hemi Predator the flywheel won't work. The 6.5 clones and non-hemi 212 engines have a different taper on the crank. It may LOOK like it fits, but it really doesn't. I don't like to do sketchy shit when there is many pounds of cast iron spinning at...
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    My brothers cat 350

    I went to the minibike races with a friend of mine recently. He ran Retromod garage and lost. Retromod hit 81mph on that run and my friend hit 71mph. They're doing 1/4 mile. IIRC, Retromod said he had been 95mph in the 1/4 with that setup before. He was having issues with his bike that day. Most...
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    My brothers cat 350

    Mods? I'm calling bullshit on lifting the front tire at 35mph. From what I can see, that's a very mildly modified engine.
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    Jack shaft problem on a Baja heat65 mini bike please help

    That made my brain hurt. I honestly don't know what you're asking.
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    RIP 3rd old person

    Johnny Maddens, Betty Whites... who's next?
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    RIP 3rd old person

    Preemptive rip to the 3rd since they happen in 3s.
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    what are you listening to v.2.0

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    new freight train braking idea.

    In the time it takes you to think of 5 or 6 things I have allot more, like 8, already lined up. You need to up your game. There are some members on here that can do 12. Some might be able to do allot more but they're staying quiet. We have allot of discussions about things like this in the...
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    Champion rockers push rod length ??

    Buy an adjustable push rod tool and measure it out. Not every engine is the same. I went with the recommended on an engine of mine running 1.3 roller rockers and they weren't even close. I had to get the make your own ones, which is fairly easy to do. You need a digital caliper and a way to...
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    Some cool Colemans

    I have a Monstermoto front suspension setup on in already.
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    Christmas family photo

    Here's a pic of my 6 kids and one of their friends I'm watching for awhile. :p
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    Use a Windows PC? Check out these settings!

    I'm 43 and you guys both seem old as fuck. It's cute.
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    79cc predator engine brand new...

    Edit your email and phone number out of your post. Have you never posted on a public forum before?