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    My newest addition 1970 Lil Indian

    Addicted: Do you (or anybody else) happen to know what year that dark maroon colored Lil Indian, you have in your photo, was made?
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    Lil Indian 400

    Wow! Looks beautiful Eric. Nice job. You realize of course, you'll have to tell us exactly what the color code is.....right? (ha)
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    Looking for Tomthumb frame

    Hi Manchester; I thought I bought the last small frame Evan made, some time ago. I haven't seen him post on OldMiniBikes for quite a while. Did he post on Facebook that he was still making these? Henry
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    Crimping lower forks

    Addicted, thank you. Perhaps we all just learned something here. Pat and I had conversations in the past regarding this cracking problem. I thought heating the tubing would eliminate this problem, but never took the time to experiment doing it.
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    Crimping lower forks

    Sorry, but what I meant was weld some small vertical plates on 3 sides of "one" of the blocks.........the "lower" block.
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    Crimping lower forks

    Pat: Did you happen to notice any "cracking" of the tubing, on the edges, where the folds were tight? Also...about that alignment problem: You could probably just drill 4 holes at the corners of those blocks and use some steel rod to keep them in line. Those rods would, no doubt, have to...
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    Don't know if your still interested, but there's a Trapper for sale on the site right now...

    Don't know if your still interested, but there's a Trapper for sale on the site right now. Listed by a new member. Hope all is well. Henry
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    Trapper trail bike

    Member Teeks Off Road was looking for one of these some time ago. Not sure if he's still interested, but you might want to try to contact him. Good luck. Henry
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    Lil Indian 400

    Wow! Very nice Eric.
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    Lil Indian 400

    Hi Eric; Thanks for the shout out. My pleasure on the spring. Motor looks great. Looking forward to your progress. Henry
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    Lil Indian 450

    Okay. PM me your mailing address and I'll send it along. Keep the pics coming. Merry Christmas. Henry
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    Lil Indian 450

    Hi Eric: Project appears to be coming along nicely. BTW, would you be interested in a show-chromed Lil Indian fork spring for that bike?
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    Frame Painting Fixture

    Wow! Great idea, Dave. Thanks.
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    The loss of a great web site?

    Was this change really necessary? How about going back to the old site and just change the color? (ha) BTW, Pat; I answered your pm regarding your request to verify my mailing info but not sure if it went through. If you didn't get it, please let me know. Thanks.
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    Tecumseh White Plastic Gas Tank

    I do have one. It's a right side fill. Actually, a pretty nice tank for its age. Clean as a whistle inside. Outside is white, but not "white, white"...........just a little faded from age, I guess. Are you going to be painting it?