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    Anybody Know?

    That bike was actually custom-made for the Prequal movie,"Easy Tyker."
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    Trying to identify

    Definitely an Arco but its older now than it was when you sold it.
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    Ultimate Bad-Ass Drag Minibike (Dual Predator Hemi Powered)

    I am not a drag bike lover but I gotta say that is one wickedly cool sled!!!
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    After way too long, finally finished the Ducar 212 MM80

    That is VERY fun to look at. Really like the color.
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    New mini bike/scooter project

    Also, no tellin' where that seat stob has been.
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    Bug Engineering Trial Scout

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    New mini bike/scooter project

    That would be a Colonoscycle.
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    69 roadster

    Everything looks awesome with the exception of the Vulture Vomit green on the engine. I am half-ass colorblind so maybe it is just me. I'll again say though the bike looks awesome.
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    1967 Rupp Continental

    I'm not sure what Rupp this is but I would probably sell it if its what you want. PM me if interested.
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    Is that a bathtub Porsche?
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    The government screws New Mexico again!

    I once had ties to Raton, N.M. My Mom and my stepdad (see avatar) moved there to retire. My Stepdad was actually born there and some of the adobe walls from the house he was born in were still there. This was back in the late 70's so I'm sure its all changed now.
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    What is it

    Mickey Mini bike
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    What is it

    It sort of looks like a Mickeys mini
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    Mini Mate "silencer" mini bike!

    Check out the single cylinder engines red seal continental engine - Yahoo Image Search Results red seal continental engine - Yahoo Image Search Results
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    Mini Mate "silencer" mini bike!

    I still think there is a connection to the red seal Connies. They are almost identical.