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    Motor city minis free swap meet aug 6 2011

    There are a few pics on motor city minis website. MINIBIKES - MAIN I stopped in for a few, it was a good time, thanks for hosting Brian.
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    SUPERFLOW Flow Bench

    Wow! That thing looks cool
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    Tecumseh 5HP exhaust pipe/muffler

    I was just at my local mini bike store (I know I'm lucky to even have one) and I looked in the glass case and found a nice clean chrome exhaust pipe like your looking for. (just like the pictures posted. get ahold of them, they might ship it if you ask really nice. (I would call Bryan) MOTOR...
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    white smoke after oil change....???

    phil, check your pm
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    white smoke after oil change....???

    Thanks very much Phil, will do that tomorrow. and that is a good paper towel trick!
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    New Predator 212cc on sale $129.99 till 30th also 20% inside

    4 Cycle Karting Forums - HF Predator, take a look inside part 1.......... thanks to the guy who uploaded the pics
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    white smoke after oil change....???

    I just changed my oil for the first time in my 6.5 clone. I tipped it forward (away from the cylinder) to drain old oil. Pored some oil back in it, until it started pouring out of the dipstick hole. went to put the engine on the lawn and start it up, and billows of never ending white smoke...
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    Garage pics

    this was before the idea of "grown ups with minibikes" entered my head..
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    Garage pics

    Only lived here for a year, but these pics are from last summer. I'll take some more after I clean up the mess I made during winter...
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    is this salvageable? Cylinder Gouge

    I'm not sure of anything in this engine... someone threw it in on a deal.... I had my suspicions... and the wrong piston did not even cross my mind.:confused1:
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    ANYONE?? - Stock 6.5 Clone Carb in michigan?

    blkscorpion80 offered me one, but I was waiting out hoping I could go pick one up right away with out waiting for the post man..... ya know, mini bikes are all about immediate gratification... :scooter: I see your in the Detroit area cheezy, do you have one?
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    6.5hp Clone carb

    you have any more of those? :detective:
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    ANYONE?? - Stock 6.5 Clone Carb in michigan?

    I know many of you guys rip off the crappy stock carb from your clones.. well I goofed mine up tonight. :doah: :out: So if anyone in Michigan has one of these lying around that they are not attached to, let me know. Thanks -T
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    is this salvageable? Cylinder Gouge

    What could have caused this? No oil? Or a broken ring? It froze up on a couple of pulls from the rope. And a lol oil freed up the piston.... Do I have an oil flow issue? And how much does it cost to bore out 30 over?