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    Issues with Rt 21 Trading

    I have bought several hard to find parts from them, never had a problem… Sounds like the folks are getting older...need extra time to get things done. I hope the business lives on, nice source for parts!
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    Trail King Video testing new camera and gyro

    Nice, kind of how I envisioned it after reading some of the stories about your rides. The camera worked well... looking forward to seeing more of your videos!
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    International International Class , Trailhorse Street Racer

    Nice Angelo, I was wondering when the trailhorse part of it was going to come in to play. Great frame to work with!
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    To paint or not?

    Like Eric said, original is best! Still try to clean up the frame and preserve as much of the paint as you can. If it turns out well, which it should… Look into buying another original gas tank. Not a hard part to fine and you may even find a better one. If it doesn’t clean up well, restore the...
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    Happy Birthday Glenn Baine

    Happy birthday sir, big fan of your work!
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    Alsport MTS-30 front fender

    I got the fender from him a few years ago. Had it re-chromed. Thanks again @125ccCrazy
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    Vintage my Cat 400TS

    Nice job getting the silver on those wheels!
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    Vintage Cushman Higlander

    That had to be a little nerve-racking...keeping all those bearings in place. Great job!
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    OMB avatar's and name ID

    I bought a T555 Montgomery wards trike and a trailblazer minibike... Had no idea what they were, this site helped me out. Learned so much from being a member!
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    Anything Goes! Mini Snowmobile

    Definitely gonna be fun to watch this build!
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    Vintage Cushman Higlander

    I like the idea of keeping the patina. Interested in seeing how you deal with the bearings in the front fork neck. Asking because I tried to remove the forks from a Cushman and ball bearing started falling everywhere
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    Anything Goes! RCF Micro #2

    Those little guys are so cool!
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    Vintage 1971 arctic cat

    I have always liked Arctic cats, Looking forward to seeing your progress
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    Vintage Cushman Higlander

    Hot Rod Cushman, nice! Wish I had a warehouse LOL
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    Merry Christmas to all