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  • No problem, what is your intention? Do you want to restore a specific bike or just build any bike with a similar look and dimensions?
    hi thrbronc, im new building mini bikes and i need help =)....
    i want to build one like u own.... but i dont know how to start.
    im wondering if u can help me with the tire size, height, something like that to start with my project....
    thx a lot
    Not sure where I bought my cable. The cable end was too small in diameter for the opening on the brake lever. I had to fabricate a sleeve for the end that attached to the brake lever. It had to be big enough to fit over the cable end yet small enough to fit into the opening on the lever, basically you are making a bushing. I used some small tubing, put a slit in it so it could clear the cable and epxoied it in place. It had to be a pretty tight fit and the cable has to be adjusted with some tension on it or the cable end will to fall out of the brake lever. I am sure that you are reading this saying WHAT????? If you e-mail me a picture of the lever and your cable maybe I can figure something out for you. As you know, none of this stuff is ever easy, it always takes some fabrication. Quite frankly, that is what I like to do best and the reason that I build cars and mimibikes. FYI my entire set-up is 7 1/2 inches long and the lever is only about 6 inches long.
    ok so i bought the brake lever. its pretty big 8 inches long. What cable did you use. i have spent like 15 bucks trying to find 1 that will fit. The brake cable from northern tool was too big. The throttle one worked but the housing was to long so i couldnt attach it properly. any ideas
    I am sorry but I am not parting anything out on that bike. I want to restore it for my son but have to put it on the backburner for now. If you wish, I can send you some measurements and pictures of it so that you can make one up. Please know that the blue bike came with a centirfugal clutch and will not work with a torque converter. If your bike is running a torque converter you will have to make one like I made for my gold bike.
    I am deep into this project which is a 1959 Nash Metropolitan. Thing is rusty as hell. I have it on a rotisseri and am currently fabricating alot of sheetmetal parts that will replace the rusted panels. It will be a 3 or 4 year project. One of these days I will post some pictures of the car on this site but, as you know, posting pictures on this site is tedious.
    Bronc, I need the clutch/chain guard and bracket off of the blue Hornet. Would you consider selling it seperatly? What project car did you get? Thanks, Gary.
    Sorry I did not have time to provide link, very busy last couple of days. Aside from BMIyou could also get it frm a motorcycle supply place as many bikes have 1 inch diameter handlebars
    Oh ok well that sounds like a lot of work and no guaranteed success there. Can you post the link to the exact brake lever and break cable you bought from bmikarts
    Cleaning wont help. Your springs are worn. McMaster & Carr makes what they call continueous springs. I bought some but did not figure the spring rate properly and they were too soft. Also, if you replaced them you have to engineer a way to affix the springs to the existing slugs that are on the springs you have now. Neither task is simple.
    Mine are not locked. I attempted to replace the springs but that did not work out, long story I don't want to bore you with. The original springs are somewhat worn so the suspension travels so much that if you hit a bump the front tire bottoms out on the fender I put stops on the fork so this wont happen. I could make another attempt at replacing the springs but with the stops everything works fine so I will leave it for now.
    have noticed in your pictures that your front shocks appear to be locked. Unless yours is a model with out front shocks. Mine looked like yours til i accidently discovered them by wacking the wheel bolt with a hard hammer. And boom it pushed the wheel down about 2 inches and now i have front suspension. Although it does lock sometimes and i have to hammer it again.
    If the tab is broken off of the frame you will have to get it re-welded. Should not be a big deal, if you don't know anyone with a welder go to a local bodyshop and I am sure they would weld it for you for a minimal charge.
    One end hooks in a hole which is drilled driectly into the kickstand. The other end into the bracket which is welded onto the frame, its right where the base of the kickstand bolts to the frame. Picture of it is a problem right now. Doing heave sheetmetal fabrication to my Nash Metropolitan and have bike squirreled away in a corner under a cover.
    Ok new problem. I was riding off road and went through some huge rocks accidently making for a bumpy ride and when i got off i noticed the kickstand spring had been detached. And it is a little bent but not to bad. I dont know where the spring hooks on to. Can you take a photo of yours
    Which one did you order exactly and which brake cord/wire? can u post the link. And will the adjustable one from northren tool work u think?
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