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    Need help

    Minico trailjet. Not sure about the engine, someone will chime in. They don’t give values on this site.. nice bike!
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    Huffy Hustler find

    Here are a few of the seat with phone sideways, how they look on your end ? Is this seat repairable? Thank you,
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    Huffy Hustler find

    Just picked up this 1970 huffy.
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    All original SURVIVORS

    Just picked up this 1970 huffy
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    Thunderbird Original ?

    Here ya go.. cell pics
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    Thunderbird Original ?

    Thank you Markus
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    Thunderbird Original ?

    Just picked this up today, I guess it’s a bird not sure of year, I’m guessing 1979 based on serial # on tec?It looks to be original paint. I can’t find a brochure or much on them. If someone has a brochure or any info that would be great. I still can’t take pics Lol. Sry
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    Its different

    Speedway slidin sideways! No brakes. Sweet.
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    MB 2500 New Pics

    Hey pnp, I could not find much about atlas mini bikes either,other than the brochures and pics on line. This is a great site and full of helpful people like Tom posting that brochure. Here is a pic of a atlas ser# tag at the right rear of the engine plate. Also a pic of the ugly rear axle...
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    MB 2500 New Pics

    Atlas mb2500 with some axle plate mods. The tag numbers are similar to mine.
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    Picked up another Briggs

    1969 is correct. 7 or 8 hp. Have fun
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    Help with roper mini bike.

    Is this the correct brochure? Nice to see some more Tennessee folks on the forum. Welcome and enjoy
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    A very sad 250 X from the looks of it...

    I used the taco peg covers.. A little pricey at $ 32.00
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    CCS Charger pics and questions

    The 12s stamp is front left engine plate is where the tag goes. I'm thinking kit bike also , western auto ? The seat is different but the gold k model in one of your threads has the same seat. I'll look under mount plate later and keep you posted.