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    HF Clone/Lights

    Hi: I have a HF clone NIB. Without pulling flywheel, can anyone tell me if the flywheel has the magnets installed so i just have to add charging coil. If not, where do I get the magnets or flywheel? Thanks Minibiking in the Carolinas
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    Governor repair

    Thanks. That sheet will certainly help me get it back in service.
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    Hi: Just took the head off of my GX200 clone. The valve seats look pretty good, but the valves themselves are black, top and bottom. It appears the motor was run with an extremely rich carb. This a refurbish project. Also, one valve comes out easily but the other valve is captured by the...
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    Governor repair

    Hi: Just cracked the crankcase on my GX200 clone. The governor appears not to be working. I found a plastic part in bottom of crank case and the arm is attached to nothing. What is the best thread for repair? I searched but did not recieve what I was looking for. Thanks for your time and help.
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    What is this?

    Hi: I just took the valves out of my Baja Mini 196 clone and there was a lash cap on both valves.
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    Hi: Is there a timing chain in the clone gx200 on the Baja Mini? I am trying to remove head. Head bolts appear to need impact wrench. Is this the normal removal procedure, with an impact wrench? Thanks
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    Nut removal

    Hi: Used the rope method for removing crank shaft nut. Worked like a champ. Thanks
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    Nut removal

    How do you loosen the nut on the crank shaft with damaging surrounding parts? Thanks
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    How do you remove an HS40 flywheel?

    How did you get the nut loose? Thanks
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    Predator crank shaft size

    Yes, I was wanting to know the shaft size that the clutch goes on. Thanks
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    Flywheel removal

    Evening: Have a Mini Baja clone I am trying to refurbish. What is the easiest and best way to remove flywheel? I think the right question to ask is how do I get the nut loosened off the shaft without hosing up adjacent parts. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Predator crank shaft size

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    Predator crank shaft size

    Is the crank shaft size on the predator the same as the honda clone that comes on Mini Baja Heat? Thanks.
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    Mini Baja Heat-Engine make

    Thanks JOEKD. I now at least have a starting point as to what threads to be looking.
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    Mini Baja Heat-Engine make

    Thanks for the info. Does the clone have any name or is it called by any letter/number combintion? Thanks again for the help.