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  1. derekbmn

    Cat HPE/Muskin coffin fuel tank !!! L@@k !!!

    Locate in southern Minnesota Very nice original Cat coffin tank with original cap !!! This particular tank is the rare smooth top style with no part number underneath. Paypal only. $375 Shipped !!! Please text me at +15078485876.
  2. derekbmn

    Cat HPE/Muskin clutch guard !!! L@@k !!!

    Located in southern Minnesota Decent condition original small style Cat clutch guard. From mounting hole is reamed out a bit. Please look at the pics carefully. PayPal only $200 shipped. Please text me at +15078485876
  3. derekbmn

    Cat Parts HPE/Muskin switch plate.L@@k !!

    Located in southern Minnesota. Nice original switch plate. No mounting bracket included but will send a non original 1 wire self grounding switch. PayPal only $275 Shipped. Please text me at +15078485876
  4. derekbmn

    Where are my for sale posts !!! Wtf

    Where are my for sale posts !!! Can a “Moderator” please message me and tell me why !?
  5. derekbmn

    Cat Chain Guides !!! L@@K

    I have 2 reproduction Cat chain guides for sale. Brand new never used. $40 each or $75 for both. Please text me at 507-848-5876. Paypal only !!! Thanks in advance :scooter:
  6. derekbmn

    Cat Switch Plate !!! L@@K HPE/Muskin

    Cat Switch Plate in original survivor quality condition. No cleaning/de-rusting has been done on it. Metal is straight. Will include the original mounting bracket and a one wire self grounding toggle switch. Please Text me at 507-848-5876. $245 SHIPPED. Paypal only !!! Thanks in advance :scooter:
  7. derekbmn

    CAT Eliminator/Dominator Fork Lowers NICE !!! L@@K !!!

    The Pic says it all. Show Chromed CAT Eliminator/Dominator fork lowers, You won't find any nicer out there. $325 SHIPPED. Paypal only. Please PM me or text @ 507-848-5876
  8. derekbmn

    CAT Wheel Stars !!! L@@K !!!

    Flawless re-chromed Cat wheel stars. Perfect for that CAT restoration. See pic below. $200 Shipped Paypal only. Please PM me or text @ 507-848-5876
  9. derekbmn

    Lil Indian Model 600 2 speed roller L@@k !!!

    Model 600 2 speed “roller”. Frame is nice and straight but missing the foot peg bar. (Easy fix) Very minor pitting in a couple areas. NOS kickstand, a new Acme seat with some minor flaws on it. Wheels have been redone and look good. Please look over the pics closely. $425 SHIPPED. Paypal only...
  10. derekbmn

    NOS Tecumseh/Taylor Spark Arrester 33224 L@@k

    A NOS Tecumseh/Taylor Spark Arrester # 33224 for a Hs40 in a slant mount configuration. Pipe is flawless. $150 Shipped. Paypal only. Please PM me or text at 507-848-5876 Thanks in advance !!!
  11. derekbmn

    ~**WTB Taylor/Tecumseh Spark Arrestor**~

    Looking for a 33128-A in good to great Survivor quality condition. (Chrome finish) These were used on the HS40’s. Please PM or text me at+15078485876 Thanks in advance !!!
  12. derekbmn

    ~**Black Tecumseh Air Cleaners**~

    Looking for some original black paint 70’s era in good original survivor condition air cleaner “housings”. (And yes I know these can still be bought part# 31715, but the paint is NOT the same) Original decal is a huge plus but not absolutely required. See pic below. Please PM me or text me...
  13. derekbmn

    ~** K&H 200M Brake Caliper **~ L@@K !!!

    Very nice and clean K&H 200M brake caliper for sale. Used on the Cats. Rebuilt with new pucks, body of it has been bead blasted and everything cleaned and polished. $150 shipped. Paypal only. Please PM me or text at 507-848-5876 Thanks in advance !!!
  14. derekbmn

    Tim Coughlin trinik7597 & Briggs Animal MIA

    This pains me greatly that it has comes to this....but i'm unfortunately left with no other choice. Rewind 3 Years.....YES 3 YEARS. I made a road trip out to Pennsylvania to pick up a load of bikes from several people. (Late FEB 2016) I Purchased a new Briggs Animal that I wanted modified and...
  15. derekbmn

    ~**Wanted: Original Cat HPE/Muskin Seats**~

    Looking for original good to great condition Cat seat of virtually ALL models....250X, 300X, 350SS & 400X styles as well as Eliminator, Dominator Etc Etc. Please PM me or text me at 507-848-5876. Thanks in advance :cool:
  16. derekbmn

    ~** Cat Wheel Stars **~ L@@K !!!

    Nice trio of Cat wheel stars. One has some very minor pitting. (see bottom photo) $85 SHIPPED Paypal Only. Text me at (507) 848-5876 Or PM me on here. Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  17. derekbmn

    Caperman’s contact info

    Phone crashed this morning and I lost his phone # anyone happen to have it !? I PM’ed him but he’s on here infrequently. caperman
  18. derekbmn

    ~**NOS Tecumseh 6HP OHV**~ L@@K

    Brand new never ran Tecumseh 6HP OHV engine. $300 Shipped. Click on pics Below. Paypal only. PLease PM me or Text for faster responce. 507-848-5876 Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  19. derekbmn

  20. derekbmn

    ~**Tecumseh Tanks**~ L@@K

    Newer style Tecumseh tanks for sale. All decent condition. $25 Shipped each or take all 6 for $125 Shipped. Please PM me or Text me at 507-848-5876 Paypal preferred. Thanks in advance :thumbsup: