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  1. Sixpac440

    Where to buy a #40, 48T, 1.625 Bore Blank Sprocket?

    Looking for a blank rear sprocket, #40, 48T (or a little less) with a 1-5/8" (1.625") Bore. I see some I can fab to work but I would prefer something I just need to drill the mounting holes in and call it a day. Thanks Kevin
  2. Sixpac440

    MB165 new seat too narrow ...

    I have a MB165 Baja Warrior ... metal fenders and metal fake tank. Just got a new seat and its too narrow. It wont go down to the frame, it sits on the frame and lower lip of the seat on the seats edges. What am I missing...
  3. Sixpac440

    Where to buy a MBX11 Gas Cap?

    MBX11, stock 79cc gas tank. 40mm is too small ... 43mm is to large ... who if anyone sells the correct fitting cap?
  4. Sixpac440

    OldMiniBikes Wearhouse shipping ..

    8 or so years ago when I was buying parts from OldMiniBikes they would literally toss them in a oversized box loose and if something was missing they would reship. Took about a week to get to me in Michigan from PA. Fast forward to the last couple years .. the packaging is off the hook, well wrapped...
  5. Sixpac440

    Gonna buy a welder ... Tig or Mig?

    I'm a die Maker, I can Tig. I have no Mig experience. I'm just going to be goofing around at home .. is there any reason I would want to go Mig instead of Tig?
  6. Sixpac440

    Intek compression release issue solved!

    I bought a used Craftsman 46" cut with a Intek 21 hp single cylinder early last year. From the beginning it was very hard starting, thought it was the battery .. bought a new one and it helped a little. I would turn the key and if the battery wasn't FULLY charged it would stop against the...
  7. Sixpac440

    Any Current 420cc Predator Coupons? 9-20-18

    My Brother wants a new 420cc Predator but he wants to save some money ... are there any current coupons available? I've looked but cant find any.
  8. Sixpac440

    Answering questions here VS Facebook ...

    Here: its almost a race to see who can provide the correct answer the fastest. Facebook: a bunch of answers come in and the poster chooses which they like best weather its right or not.
  9. Sixpac440

    I bought a 90% Complete Chinese Chopper, Um, NO! (4 min Video) ...
  10. Sixpac440

    The "Mini Bike" World is full of STUPID people. RANT!!

    Like most of you I am on Facebook (Kevin Royce) and am a member of a few Mini Bike sites. I try to help out and earn my keep but am learning anything outside OldMiniBikes Forums is the Wild West of stupidity. Safety isn't much of a concern, just getting your mini to 70 mph any way possible is the...
  11. Sixpac440

    CarPlayLB is back at it again Tonight @ 8:00 EST ..... at .... Eric used to be this cool ...
  12. Sixpac440

    Help with my Riding Mower Drive Belt Grabbing hard!!

    The mower is a Craftsman YS4500 46" cut. I just got it. The belt that came on it worked but was a bit grabby when you lifted the brake pedal and engaged the belt. It is likely the belt it was sold with. I bought a new belt off amazon...
  13. Sixpac440

    Zeppelin Fan? Check out Greta Van Fleet ... Amazing ...
  14. Sixpac440

    Gray Goat Lackeys Unite, Normal people come for the Freak Show! Tonight @ 8:00 EST

    Tonight Eric spins his web of knowledge far and wide on at 8:00 PM EST We've seen his Koolaid and Little Debbies habit spiral out of control. Will this be the week he goes into a diabetic coma or like Mama Cass will he die choking on a ham sandwich? (a...
  15. Sixpac440

    he Gray Goat Garage is open tonight at 8:00 EST .. Details Inside!!
  16. Sixpac440

    Got my Gray Goat T-Shirt today!! Damn I'm sexy!

    It was lovingly wrapped around a package of EL Fudge cookies! Thanks amigo!!
  17. Sixpac440

    3-22-18 @8:00 pm EST CarPlayLB, Eric the Gray Gote is live on FB!! Money, Trivia!!!

    Its a face made for radio that only a mother could love live on your computer on "Facebook at" Win money, play trivia, learn the difference between a HF Hemi and a Non-Hemi! Watch in the buff, Eric doesn't care! See if he can gag down a complete Hostess Snowball this time...
  18. Sixpac440

    Ya know what makes me sad?

    Seeing a tipped forward Briggs where a Tecumseh used to be ... :sadcrying4:
  19. Sixpac440

    Win $25!! OldMiniBikes Quizzo - Thursday, 03/15/18 - Live On Facebook

    Click the link Below for details ... I am not tied into OldMiniBikes in any way other than being a member here and buying stuff from them ... I just think Eric the Grey Goat is doing something unique and I...
  20. Sixpac440

    MUST View Eric's LIVE OldMiniBikes Show on Facebook!! Educational and Entertaining!!

    I don't see a posting on this site so I want to make sure the mini bike faithful know about this. Eric Adams AKA CarPlayLB works with/for OldMiniBikes in California. Since 1-25-18 he has been doing a live show on the Facebook site. Its...