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    Taco parts

    Is the one piece sprocket that fits a 22 for sale?
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    buyers r gone....

    "Free Market" made them disappear
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    HS40 Tecumseh rare HI-PO stuff

    PM sent
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    Speedway I'd needed.

    Blue Angel - no lights Red Baron - lghts Green Horn - lights Take your pick. They all have the same base. Bike is Missing clutch cover. Exhaust is original thus eliminating the Widowmaker bike.
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    Doodle Bug frame

    What city and state are you located?
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    1971 Rupp roadster 2 with street legal regi

    In Kansas, pre 1974 motorcycles are not required to have turn signals or running head light. But you are required to use hand signals.
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    Tc set up. 30 series genuine comet

    I sent the PM to the seller maggiemini about purchasing it.
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    This is a doodle bug right

    STOP PLEASE!!! I really don't understand why members on here have not told you to stop. Don't remove the governor. Don't lift up your wheel and spin your motor to make it explode. Don't worry about a smaller sprocket and speed. All you are going to do is end up hurting yourself or someone...
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    Is my 1973 Rupp RoadsterII considered Vintage

    My 1972 Rupp II is registered as a 1973 by the state of Kansas with an antique tag. If it is not close to vintage, it will be next decade.
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    Narrowed it down, but a little more help would be great

    Gilson 54701 You can refer to this thread.
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    New member from Kansas City

    Heath Hilltopper Mini Bike Is this your Heath Hilltopper on C/L?
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    What happened to my ad?

    Your ad needs a price for the lot or individual. Pictures are not required but help a lot. Just redo it.
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    west bend engine shroud wanted

    That's a member's auction.
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    White Tec with no numbers on shroud.

    The tag with the numbers is missing. It was riveted to the shroud on the side. Take off the head and measure the bore size. This will help you determine the exact HP.
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    Hello from Reno---ADULT SIZED mini bike wanted for off road..

    Montgomery Wards made a really big one. I can't remember it.
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    Dyno tested engine......

    It is me or do engine builders put the recoil on upside down? I'm guessing you didn't build this engine. I'll bet you bought it from Uncle Frank. My clues are no stickers on it, then Uncle Frank stickers on it sitting on a minibike. First picture, it is on a checkered tile floor, like a...
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    Misc Gilson Parts, Plastic Tecumseh 5hp Tank

    pm sent on gas tank
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    Gemini Frame

    Nope. Seller can end it at anytime as long as it hasn't ended even with bids. Not sure what eBay does to the seller as I never have done this action. I have had bids on an auction that just disappeared into thin air. Seller has them listed on eBay, OldMiniBikes and locally. Be sure to bid quick and...