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  1. Roadmaster75

    Montgomery Ward Trike - Model ZCQ13995B - 11HP w/ Electric Start

    Again....illness and chemo forces sale of my stuff...Will NOT ship, but will deliver within 200 miles for gas money. Located 60 miles west of Chicago. $1200. Here is very well preserved MW trike. Manufactured by Central States Tool and Die (CESTAD) in Nebraska. This is the straight frame...
  2. Roadmaster75

    Collection of 3 Restored Gilson-Montgomery Ward swing arm mini bikes

    Illness and chemo forces sale of all my bikes. Selling as a collection. Will not ship. 60 miles west of Chicago. Will deliver within 200 miles for gas money. $1750 for all..... Have much more in them! 1.) Brittany Blue MW 525- completely restored. New swing arm bushings, all new hardware...
  3. Roadmaster75

    New Predator idle issue

    My 5th Predator Hemi in a new Gilson frame with OldMiniBikes band brake on motor, Hilliard clutch. Bike broke in nicely, ran smooth, idled great. Then after about 3 or 4 hours of easy run time on non-ethanol premium canned fuel........ it wont stay running at full “choke off” position. Can keep it...
  4. Roadmaster75

    Gilson/Montgomery Ward Mini-bike

    I have a recently rebuilt Gilson swing arm style mini-bike for sale. Got it as a bare frame. It uses the original jackshaft with a new sprocket on the rear wheel. Has maybe 3 or 4 miles on it as you see it. The wheels were upgraded to 8 inch billets with new tires. Has OldMiniBikes band brake...
  5. Roadmaster75

    Pennzoil Kart body - Rick Mears number 1

    I recently bought this body and it had a junk frame. The body is in excellent condition and all graphics are in great shape too. I believe that Pennzoil had issued a number of karts for their dealer network, but really don't know much history. Some were issued with different drivers...
  6. Roadmaster75

    MW-CESTAD big wheel trike progress.

    Fine tuning this project now. The original HM80 runs great and had the 7 amp lighting set up on it. I wanted electric start SOOOOO, put in a brand new 11HP Tecumseh, retro fitted the flywheel and 7 amp set to it and added a starter and battery. Its got a switch panel on the front fork...
  7. Roadmaster75

    My Gilson- MW progress.

    Been a while since I posted anything. Cancer and chemo slowed me down, but back among the living and spinning the wrenches again. The Brittany Blue one below is mostly original and just about done now. Need to modify a new brake band to fit the Gilson brake set up. Have H60 that might go...
  8. Roadmaster75

    New Tecumseh 11HP OHV for the MW Trike

    Looking for any comments or experience re-carbing with this motor. I have been working on a MW Trike on another post: But, I thought I'd post a couple of pics of what's going in the trike...
  9. Roadmaster75

    Early 70's Tecumseh HM80 recoil starter assembly ....

    I need a recoil pull starter for my new project; an 8 HP trike from MW. It's a Tecumseh HM80. Needs to be working and ready to go. Thanks! Roadmaster75
  10. Roadmaster75

    Montgomery Wards ZCQ-13995B / CESTAD Find

    Thought I'd start a thread on the trike I got recently. Although it resembles the "T555" MW trike (ZCQ-13395A) it is not! This one has a Tecumseh 8HP (HM80) with lighting coil. It appears to have been very well taken care of. The front fender is undamaged & has the original mudflap. The...
  11. Roadmaster75

    Can we verify that this is a "Bulldog" 3 Wheeler?

    HI Gang I just scored this one off of eBay. It was advertised as a MW T555…. but, it's not. Sorry about the bad quality…. Looks to be a "BullDog" of 70s vintage with a fairly big Tecumseh in it. Anyone know more about it? I saw a couple of Bulldogs on the internet that had shorty...
  12. Roadmaster75

    Pics of a Herter's or Terra-Cat fat tire mini bike

    Does anybody have pics of these mini bikes? I'd like to do a fat tire project next and have seen cool versions of each, but I'm not a historian on these and would like to know what I should be on the look out for… Thanks! mike
  13. Roadmaster75

    2015 Build Off Open Class- RoadMaster75- Gilson Swing Arm Chopper

    Here's my pile of parts entry….God help me! This one's going to be a real mutt….. The original Gilson front fork was demolished, otherwise I'dve restored it. So it'll be a hodge/podge of the following pictured parts: Honda CT110 front fork 71 MotoSkeeter 350 handlebars 12"...
  14. Roadmaster75

    Clueless on make and model!

    I'm re-doing this one and you may recognize my preference for reptile upholstery as seen on the Project Log thread! (not sewn yet!) I found this in Amish country with a Tecumseh H35 that had blown a hole through the crankcase, disintegrated the piston, and scored the crank and rod real bad...
  15. Roadmaster75

    Montgomery Wards 525 Build

    This is my first mini bike build. I picked this up in Sept. not knowing what exactly what it was until I got into it and came to this Forum! It's not quite done, as evidenced by the, un-sewn as yet, alligator upholstery! It was originally "Brittany Blue" and I found a GM color that was...
  16. Roadmaster75

    Montgomery Ward/ Gilson Swing arm Bronze Bearing source

    Hello, New here and just finished a Montgomery Ward 525 swing arm mini bike in Brittany Blue. As luck would have it I just found another identical complete chassis and fork assembly for $45 at a swap meet. However, it was missing the hard to find oil impregnated, flanged bronze...